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Gotta be a winner in here somewhere!

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Here are a few of my new FF combos for this season. Mikes Eyeflys and Spin Doctors...All with GLOW beads ofcorse!

What ya think?? Any winners??

A #16 behind a White/Mountain Dew


A "Superior Eye" behind a Chrome/Blue Bubble


My personal favorite...A Captain Yoop Eye behind a Glow/Blue Frog


A #22 behind a Glow/Green Frog


My Laker Killer...A Yellow Eye Ghost behind a Greasy Chicken Wing


This is a custom painted "Relentless Edition" 5 inch Mini Spindoctor in Fire Red Mettalic Clearcoat with a Blue Mettalic back and a custom 3" Single hook Mikes fly we'll just call "Skamania"! :cool:


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That superior eye behind the blue bubble looks like a killer combo to me:thumb:

Mike sent me a few of his flies to try out last fall and i never fished after that. Great looking flies and i am sure i am really going to like changing the hook-sets out so easily.

Heres what he sent me #1, #6, #10, #15, #17, #18 and #19


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I like them all aswell. But i noticed you have the rear swival in different locations. Do you run them in different locations depending on time, place, current, month etc..

I do change the swivel location all the time. I cant really see much of a difference in the water....at least to my eyes, but the fish do seem to notice. I usually start with a couple rigged each way and let the fish tell me what they want at that time. Then I switch them all that way. I would say 75% of the time for me, its in the hole closest to the fins.

I also use the rear hole(on the front of the flasher) when targeting lakers at slower speeds. I can get a nice fast roll even at 1.5mph with this setting.


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