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  1. 2x300' 45 lb 1x200' 45 lb 1x150' 45 lb 1x100' 45 lb 1x 10 color 1x 9 color 1x 8 color 1x 7 color 1x6 color 2x 5 color 1 x 4 color 3 x 3 color 1 x 2 color 2 x 1 color Torpedo divers
  2. Tie directly to plugs or body baits ...then put a swivel a couple feet in front of it. Swivels directly to body baits or plugs dont let the bait run true!
  3. Martini...hot lips....tangy toad....bad toad...jawbreaker....smitty....highline...orange sarge...shelly snack....green jeans.... they all catch kings! My favorite salmon spoon is a tie between the tangy toad and the martini. And a highline magnum on 3 colors of leadcore kills the steelhead in lake Michigan for me!
  4. I can't belive nobody mentioned SLIDE DIVERS. U can run whatever length lead u want!
  5. ill try to make it over here more often....fished munising bay today 2-2 coho! it was pretty slow. stayed in the bay though....i need to venture out there more and find some fish
  6. Bromley...all my good luck was up in keweenaw bay! me and my cousin took a ride to your neck of the woods lastnight and got a 4 gallon smelt limit and were back home by 1:15 am. theres gotta be some kings following the schools of smelt
  7. any recent reports? was thinking about heading down there tomorrow
  8. me and some buddys checked out the anna lastnight for some smelt and heard fish jumping like crazy out in front of the mouth. sounded like a feeding frenzy going on out there
  9. kool.....thanks for the info! ill be out there soon....if not tomorrow definetly next week somtime
  10. Bromley....I was thinking about hitting munising bay this weekend too.....any reports from anyone whos been out already?
  11. Bromley...Nice job on buck the bastard!! im a bit camera shy you did good man
  12. i wanted to make it there but ended up going to detour did alright for the 1st time 2 kings 8 & 10 lbs 2 atlantics around 4 lbs and 3 lake trout around 8 lbs wire dipsey with a spinning glow fly and flasher landed all salmon and all lakers on a michael jackson/carbon 14 spoon on a 1/2 core planer
  13. im hoping to take my 1st trip to the rock sometime this summer...I CANT WAIT!!!
  14. you would think all the other fish would be eating those off them. maybe they dont like lamprey
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