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  1. How fast do you troll those style baits, and what's the program as far as how deep to run them?
  2. Where can you find a spin doctor chrome blue bubble? I don't have any blue/chrome configurations in my burgeoning flasher/fly collection and haven't been able to track down any. Is it the same as a chrome blue/blue? http://www.gloutdoors.com/dreamweaverspindoctorflasher.aspx?page=3
  3. Finally got around to adding the introduction. New to the site and yet another Yooper!. I am up in Escanaba, and fish mainly walleyes here, lakers in Marquette and Grand Marais when I get a chance, and salmon out of your usual suspect areas up here. I run a 02 Ranger six nineteen with merc's and have it set up with removeable manual downriggers. At the current time I'm ice fishing Little Bay de Noc for walleyes. We should have some great fishing as the ice forms up further south. Really jonesing for open water thought...I'm sure everyone can relate! Don Alimenti
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