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Started out at at 120 fow at 8:30 we went 7 for 12. We fished for 3 1/2 hours and the bite died at noon fished for another hour nothing! Here what worked. I feel bad for all you guys who have put your boats in storage.

blue dophin on 5 color 1 fish 1 hit

Double orange crush 10 color 1 hit 0 fish

Natural Born Killer on dipsey 1 setting 180 feet back 5 hits 3 fish

Silver belly with green glow 1 setting 240 feet back 5 hits 3 fish

this spoon is quickly becoming my favorite spoon! anybody use this one?

Here is a picture 2 kings and 5 coho!


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Nice job. Love to see those coho too. If you have a pick or let me know who makes that spoon that would be cool. I have left one dipsy in the water for the past couple of trips, with a flasher fly and it hasn't done squat. Next time I'll throw a spoon on it and give it a whirl

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Here the picture of my favorite spoon. Its made by dream weaver. I saw a video on youtube of some guys fishing lake michigan and using this spoon and they caught a lot of fish with it. So I bought one. This spoon is catching 70% of the fish I put in the boat. I gave up on dodger and flies I only caught one fish all year on that combo. Hers pic of that spoon.


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