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Serenity in the UP


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Last week 4 of us cousins got together for a trip up to the cabin in Grand Marais. The weather and colors where absolutely perfect. Spent 5 days playing horse shoes, ridding quads, fishing, shooting clay pigeons, eating, and enjoying a few brews.

The lake is full of pike. We caught enough for one big meal. Although I'm not a big fan of slime, these fish taste as good as any fresh water fish out there. We made one trip into town, and the guys that where fishing the bay where getting Coho, and Steel.

We had one small slimmer that went back to the drink dead. Less than 10 minutes latter an Eagle swooped down and grabbed it less than 100 yards from us. Very cool!

A few shots from our pc of Heaven.







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Fantastic Pictures! I had an aunt and a Uncle that lived in Grand Marais... been there once when I was young. Asked my uncle on a walk why he had Sardine cans nailed to tree's... "thats how you tell if you have a bear nearby" he said. As I walked by the opened can on the tree... "can we go back now?"

on a side note, LOVE PIKE... It tastes so good I deal with the bones.

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