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Harbor Beach report

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Fish-On:thumb: after winds dyied down on saterday 8-21-10; wife and I left harbor at 4:00 pm went out to 100ft 7mi north setup full and 1/2 core lead on one side, hi-diver and low-diver mag.125' & 250' back on other side, first rigger went 95' over 110', lost trout 30' from boat fish got rolling:( full core goes next a danny 30" steelhead:D silversteak sister sluge, next out down rigger 5' off bottom big trout 16.7lbs female:cool: same lure only in a mag clean 20' off ball, 2 hits on mag dipsey 250' back 2 setting green camo pro-king,:eek: last 18" walley on full core.




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added pics
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I have never seen a steelhead with that large of a mouth, looks like it belongs on a king.

Nice fish

I think this fish mist the dinner plate a few times in his life:lol: He should had a lot bigger body to go with his head as a male, NOTE he was trying to catch up, he 10- bloater chubs in his belly, at first I thought he was some cross breed Steelhead, and his meat was White not pink:confused:.

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Nice fish! Your right, at first glance I thought that steelhead was a king til you look closer! Strange stuff, but nice fish none the less. Imagine if the body did catch up to the head, holy big fish!

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In the great lakes you do get the occasional deformed fish, but wow that one has a massive head. My guess is that it spawned last spring and stayed in the stream a little too long. If that is the case it would explain the white meat. I have caught steelhead in the rivers in mid July and they almost always have white meat unless they are skamania.

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Nice fish and pics! The larger head one looks to have x type marks on back, not sure with not a close up pic. Could be an underfed Atlantic? All the steel I've caught on eastside of state from Ausable down to PA have had orange meat in past, and Atlantic my buddy caught this past spring off Tawas had lighter colored meat. Nice catch regardless.:)

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