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  1. The screens are really small on those also if you have saw one up close. Only almost 3" high since they measure diagonal.
  2. I'm not a big fan of the DI and SI since I just troll the bay for the eyes which are everwhere:lol: But here's a site I ordered a Hummingbird 597hdci on for cheap. They discontinued that model so over half off. Also I think this is the one your looking for. Look around for codes to put in for more off.....http://www.overtons.com/modperl/product/details.cgi?pdesc=Humminbird-Helix-5-SI-Fishfinder-GPS-Combo&i=831917
  3. Hope you didn't do that. A lot better deals than $500. That doesn't have the down or side imaging does it?
  4. Always a great time with Frank...Nice meeting you and Bob buster. Might have to look you up if I can get a couple trips west this August.
  5. Great job and report there Frank! Glad you got into em on wed. along with some sag. bay gold! The perchies do look quite tasty:lol:
  6. Nice job out there Tom! Will have to get out again fishing with you sometime, been awhile. Keep on em, we've been fishing probably the same area as you and doing well last 5 or 6 trips. Nice fish, and catching them with the grandkids are memories that will last forever for all of you:cool:
  7. Great job as always Frank! Hope to get up there this year atleast once or twice with you. On vac. the week of fathers day, but son is coming to town from Texas. Maybe I can drag him along:D
  8. Thank you very much Bob! I've tweaked it a little, and call it walleye chowder. Make it at all the outings we have on M-S. If your ever around, stop on in. I do one every year the weekend after fathers day in Sebewaing. Will be posting by first of May or sooner on M-S.com.....Ralph
  9. If you haven't tried selling it on I-boats.com, I'd suggest that. Lots of guys looking to restore those older "V5" hull boats. The best hulls starcraft ever made. Wish I had the time to do it. Nice boat, would be shame to part it out and scrap.
  10. Thanks for report and posts on the smelt. Hope they make a big comeback like the good ole days. Could fill the void left by the ales for lots of fish.
  11. Nice job by the island. Been wanting to get out there atleast once this year, but have yet to make to Caseville.
  12. Welcome to the site! Don't know if you you've been to this site, but there's lots of info here..... http://forums.iboats.com/slickcraft-294/ I had a SS150, 15' slickcraft that was a great boat. Miss it.
  13. Keep hammering them Frank! Some nice sized ones in the for sure. Great job and crew.
  14. Nice job Mike, sounds like a great thing. Only question I have is, who stands there and counts all those little things I think I would have rounded to 616,000.
  15. Awesome time as usual Frank fishing on the P1. The perch you got Frank was a beast, and hope it tasted great. Sorry that ugly mug Larry is holding it. Hope to be back out if I can this year. Here's a few pics, and a rare one with a smiling Captain.
  16. Excellent job Frank! keep on em up there. Love the area, hope to get up there more often in future.
  17. Great job and some nice fish! Thanks for report.
  18. Nice job out there Frank. Figured I could catch you on here. Hope to get up there with Larry one day next week while I'm off on vacation. Will probably see you at the WFW this weekend. Take care and keep that ole islander running good, you sure work her hard enough pulling in all those limits.
  19. Perch fishing has been good along channel of sag. river from mouth to island. Also the shore fishing is starting to get bigger ones. Went to take my son this morning to Caseville for lakers, but fog made us stop first to try for some perch. Good choice I guess, we ended at 11:30 with 38 of em:D Actually 39, but he was so into the sorting thing, he tossed back a 9 incher while talking to me after unhooking it!:yikes: Perch rigs in no. 6, pink, glow , and white beads. Glow took the most. The bigger ones in pic are pushing 10". Alot of 8's and 9's, and a few smaller.
  20. I've used butcher steels for years (about 30), and they work great. You do need somewhat of an edge first. If my knives are really dull, I use a fine file to get a good taper back a ways on each side, then use the steel. Works great. I've used the stones over there years and they will get you a razor edge, but take some time. They make some really good sharperners out there that will give you a great uniform razor edge everytime. One I've heard alot of good on is the "Lansky". Once you get a knife sharp, if have a buffing wheel you could put on a grinder, that will make it like a razor.;)Would be my choice if I were to get one.
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