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  1. All entries must be uploaded to our gallery.
  2. It needs to be posted in the entry thread
  3. Quarter Midget repairs 5 front axles 2 rear axles 3 shocks 8 radius rods 4 tie rods 14 heim joints 7 sets of right side tires 3 sets of left side tires 2 wheels Costs....$2,000+ and that does not include the entry fees. My wife wanted me to keep track of how much I(we) spent, but that's kind of like buying fishing equipment. Were we talking fishing or race car parts?
  4. Nice job Jimmy! Fresh back straps.
  5. Nice job Ed! We froze our butts off at the race track today.
  6. I am going to open it up to all cameras. The date and time must be visible in the photo. No dates before 10-01-2012 will be allowed. Any photo that has been edited to add the date with paint or photoshop will not be allowed. If any entry is questionable, I will request it to emailed to me so I can have it analyzed. Unfortunately, I am busy tonight and tomorrow night, so I might not get the rules and entry thread posted till Thursday.
  7. Great job Jimmy! Glad to hear you are getting your board back also.
  8. Jr. Animal kart or Jr. Animal quarter midget? Where does he race?
  9. What is the size of the file you are trying to upload? Reduce the file size and try again.
  10. Whoops.....just realized this was for Indiana and not St. Joseph. Should be getting them there.
  11. Probably wont be any coho around, but you may get a brown or a steelhead. Work around the plume as the dark water will be warmer. A nice sunny day will get the dark water warmed up nicely.
  12. You are probably right on the cost. Hopefully we can get enough sponsors to offset the cost. They did not have these when I was a kid. This is a great family activity and my boys REALLY love it. They will only be this small one time!
  13. There is a beach and an outhouse at the public boat launch.
  14. I live an Ostego. This is 1 hour from port Sheldon. My number is in the first post.....call me and we can set up a time.
  15. Just noticed your signature Mike(SUPERTRAMP). I would ask....but not sure I want to know about the blow up doll.
  16. I have a pair of costas with 580 lenses(purchased them in 2009). Once you spend the BIG money on a pair of glasses, you will take care of them and they will last a long time. I purchased an expensive pair of Hobies in 1994, and they are still in GREAT shape!
  17. I personally do not do it either!
  18. A friend of mine had kind of the same thing. His was the gall bladder, and they removed it. Try staying away from the fatty foods.
  19. Welcome aboard Mike! Let's hope for some decent weather.
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