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whats it worth?


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with all the stuff i have going on i am thinking about offing all my big lake gear. i am just trying to get an idea whats stuff is worth.

i have roughly 125 different spoons from dream weaver to moonshine and alot inbetween

i have roughly 40 body baits most never even touched water yet all brad's thin fish and rapalas and storms

6 poles 4 cablea's with cablea reels 2 eagle claw with accudeepth reels

church revalators and pro troll flashers

misc. flies and fly tying stuff

and palno boxes galore any ideas on worth would help

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A good rule of thumb is that when selling items used, even if they haven't been used or used much, is that people are normally willing to pay about half of what they cost new. It might be worthwhile to do a little research to find similar items for sale on line when setting prices. Good luck.

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Fishing equipment is worth very little unfortunately in this economy.

Just ask those that have tried to sell it at the church event in Grandville the past few years. It's been pretty rough.

The only time I have witnessed used fishing gear make someone a buck is if it goes with the boat. Then it can be a bargaining tool not to get taken on price.

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I have to agree with Nick. If you can get half of what you paid your doing pretty good. i just recently sold most of my musky fishing gear to fund my new found salmon sickness. The biggest pain was listing all the stuff on C list and other websites. Take good pictures and be prepared to be entertained with lowball offers from people thinking you just need money. I was lucky, and sold most of my gear in lots. Ebay costs alot more to sell stuff on then a few years ago but it gets the most exposure. Factor in more then you think for shipping costs if you go this route.

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In my opinion/experience the best method is to find out what similar items are selling for on ebay and Craigslist. As indicated above, even though some of it has never been used and may still be in the packaging, it will still sell as used. That research would give you at least a starting point. I would try to sell it in lots if possible...almost as you have listed above. You can be certain that those listings likely did not sell for their original price but something within 10-20% less.

Sorry to hear that things have arisen that make fishing negligable in your life. I think we all here (at least me) wish you the best in your current situation whatever that may be.

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