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  1. fun times at Lake Ontario from Summer 2011....there will never be another summer like this ......
  2. Lakers are my FAVORITE :thumb: :thumb: Nice Fish
  3. SWR:thumb::thumb: Good job
  4. Great looking fish .... Thanks for sharing
  5. Doug Clovin and Charlie Tice invited me on a trip up to the Big O for some trolling On Friday we had what I thought was a great day , we boated 17 Kings with the largest being 23 pounds , we fished from daylight till around 6:30 pm out of Olicott On Saturday we thought we would try the Niagara Bar , so we launched at the Fort , after fishing for 2 hours , we decidfed to pull up and go back to Olcott , so we got there and fished from 9am-10:30 and then the storm rolled in and we hauled out , not before landing 4 Kings ....here are a few highlights thanks for looking
  6. Great Looking Fish ....thanks for sharring
  7. Thanks Guys ....I took 2 more days Vacation Thursday and Friday :thumb::banana:
  8. Thanks guys .... I know they aren't real big , but I just enjoy catching them
  9. Nothing wrong with STINGER....I got about 125 stinger standards
  10. I am going to have to say SMOOTH, and FAST..... and that is the truth
  11. 37.4 degrees....ice just came off the other day
  12. Well I took the boat out for the first time , our ice melted early this year , to try out my new CANNON Riggers and caught a few Lakers . this helped out with my cabin fever....now I need a new camera , this one went dunk in the live well today
  13. Just bought 2 stainless steel bases for my mag 10's to match the stainless swivel bases that I already have ..... Saved $ 140.90
  15. I made a little video on Christmas http://s765.photobucket.com/albums/xx297/out4trout1/Raystown/?action=view&current=023-1.mp4
  16. thanks guys .....I really enjoy the site ........and fishing for lakers
  17. I test drove some of the NEW 11 inch Luhr Jensen Coyote UV Bright Paddles today at Raystown with my favorite Killer Yellow BigWeenie Fly ......Results 7 for 9 .....first time running the big 11" Flasher ....Merry Christmas and thanks for looking ... better picture of the flasher / fly .....nuclear yellow paddle couple of the girls resting before I release them
  18. I just had to look at them again ......wow
  19. I would like to take a laker through the ice ....
  20. Matt .... That is my exact go to setup when things get tough .... I have caught rainbows , browns , perch , crappies and lakers on that setup ....Yea crappies and perch :-)
  21. ok .....I made the last voyage for the year , I think . Today I went 8 for 9 on Lakers It was 23 degrees today and the water temp was 40.5 3 came on the 2 color Leadcore rig straight down the chute 3 came on the SWR on the Left rigger , ( I let out 25 feet leader 2 colors of lead and then 50 feet of backing and hooked it to the rigger and set it at 21 feet ) The last 2 came on 5 colors of leadcore nothing at all on the rigger set at 35 , and I moved it all around today from 20-75 feet Thanks alot for helping out and I learned a ton of different ways to catch fish this year from you guys
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