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  1. She's a real looker! I went with a rocker launcher from GLP on my Islander, got three boys myself and needed to get all the rods off the gunnels and such. Might be a option instead of a hardtop.
  2. Anything comparable to them for the price that you guys would recommend? I see Okuma has a GL series that look pretty nice, my braid divers are 9ft TDR"s and I'm not sure if I should get the 8 ft Okumas or bite the bullet and get 7 ft Taloras?
  3. Did pretty good last year after dark, like you I can only go, when I can go. There seems to be a bit if a lull at " first dark" we stick it out another an hour or two and usually hook the biggest of the night. We always start moving a little shallower then we were at prime time. Glows work well, make sure your boat is well organized before you get your first fish.
  4. Been looking for a pair of these on the west side of the lake this week and cant seem to find them? Some guy did try to special order me a pool cue for tuna though ;-) Are these rods discontinued now? Thanks for any help!
  5. Had a great evening for the three hours we were out, ended up with 5 Kings and one slob brown , two kings were over 20lbs and the rest were a few pounds under. SWR was on fire early in the eve running the bottom with a Stinger Bloody Nose, as the sun set the dipseys started firing. Stayed in the 40 to 50 ft of water, as there were quite a few charter boats along the wall and in the harbor. Did pretty well for just trying to stay out of everyones way!
  6. Currently running #20 Big game and #20 Ande, no problems with either , yet. The Ande has been very impressive though when a fish rolls or dives in the rigger wires, very tough stuff!!!!
  7. Also make sure to get the brand name, one company's color of the same name can be slighlty different from another. Specially with spoons as they are all made different.
  8. Just curious what you guys do different when the big boys start to head "in" ? Ive heard that these fish stop feeding as much as they near this time. Im guessing combat fishing means no boards, no long leads, and for me a four/five rod spread with only 2 riggers on my boat and only two dipseys to fish. If it is true about big kings not feeding as much, what baits go on to get that "reaction strike" ? What really P's em off and whats your spread? Thanks
  9. http://www.todaystmj4.com/news/local/128533278.html
  10. We also have had out far share of bows on the divers this year, I agree with Jeff...they were all pigs. I actually lost more than we hooked because of there "air shows" and the weight/resistance of the diver. Orange dipseys and purple/purple and silver seemed to produce the best.
  11. Currently running a 191 Islander, 3.0 with no kicker. Right now just have one battery running the marine radio, Hummingbird, stereo system w/ 4 speakers and a pair of 55 watt floods that are used sparingly when unlaoding the boat w motor off .......carry a spare battery on board and have a one bank charger that gets hot as heck....can barely touch the thing at times Im adding two Cannon mag 5's soon and am wondering if I should stick with the same battery, go to the spare thats not charging or run them parralel? I think if I run them together , only one bettery will be charged, correct? Anybody have any suggestions or know if this is to much cap. for only one cell, Thanks
  12. Jim, I found a parts list and diagram from a website yesterday, now just trying to figure out what needs to be replaced. Im going to wait until after season and fix them or upgrade. Im leaning towards an upgrade though I have been getting out quite a bit as of late and electrics would sure be sweet!!!!!
  13. This is the first DR i have ever used and I am wondering if everyones clutchs are really touchy? I usually end up having to palm the spool on the way down because there is no happy medium. They are probably about 15 years old, any maitenence ideas? Or should I spring for some electrics? Thanks guys? P.S. My palms are getting permanant rails
  14. I think you could do either, I have never tried, but I always thought that lead has a certain cadence in the water that made it dance. Plus lead is cheaper than the above metioned alteratives.
  15. First time I used one was last week, "I used a three color" was the first rod I sent down and it got crushed by a 18# king before I had a second rod in my hand! Thought I may have snagged the bottom or something!!!!
  16. Ouch, Have not been there yet "knock on wood" but im sure its going to happen, just hope my kids aint with me......
  17. Yep, I already know it had no biz being in my spread, but I liked the size and the way it felt in my hand, plus my boys could handle it much easier than some of my other set ups. Problem is the first decent king we hooked up with took off for a tenth of a mile and burned it up good I noticed while fighting him the LC crapped out and the last 30ft of line that was out, I could barely turn the handle. Anybody know what happened and is it worth getting it looked at or just a paper weight? Thanks
  18. One to three colors of lead on your downrigger, willis knot works for tieing mono to leadcore real nice.
  19. Dont mean to hijack the thread , but could someone recommend a good wire rod to pair with my 9ft braid divers, Im looking to add some low divers for next season. "Low" divers go on the inside and "high" divers are on the outside further out. Thanks for any advice
  20. Yep, for a while I thought I was going to get some work done!!!!
  21. Done, I decided not to move my tracks, this will prevent theft of my rod holders:thumb: If I want to switch some of them out I just take the four screws off the step pad. Thanks for the advice guys;)
  22. That may be a bit to forward, Im not sure if I would be able to reach the rods mounted on top, Im more worried about access to the board rods, I will mock it up a few ways and see what feels right, thanks
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