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  1. We run as fast as 3.1-3.3 sometimes pulling up to a 450' 32# Morgans copper, we sont have any issues, the only thing is maybe the line clip is upside down? or another issue with the board, we run SD's , spoons, everything on them and the pull ok, leadcore pulls harder than the copper, but even then they just drag back dont do any wheelies!!
  2. With Cannons remember your auto stop will not work with out steel cable! We still use stainless, we switched to the coated for a hot minute but it was not very good the coating came off pretty quick and got all jambed up! Go with stainless and get the cannonball snubbers!! Just my 2 cents
  3. I can personally attest that this boat is clean and runs great, I took a group of friends out on a charter with capt. Jason and we caught a ton of fish. Set up on the boat is very comfortable and very clean.
  4. Perch?? and bait!! that would be my guess
  5. We are having a lot of problems with our riggers recently. Looking for some things to try without sending them in to be repaired. 1.The rigger will come up under power but will not go down by power? 2. Motors seem to barely pull up the cannonball, we had 14lbers, we are going to switch back to the 12lbers. 3. The coated cable is getting tore up in the roller on the end. Any help or suggestions appreciated. They are about to go to Davey Jones Locker soon!!!!!
  6. We had one like that I believe it was mercury poisoning of the fish
  7. we run the spx5 on a 22ft islander hardtop and it is awesome ray is an excellent driver
  8. I think the fish will go south, whatever way the wind is from the current goes that way surface moving north , bottom water goes south. Last week the north winds had the current going to the north and all the warm water out and north. so i would go south and in shallower , thats my hunch....
  9. usually you need to run meat slow, just a thought? dont know speed you were running?
  10. make sure you dont use coated cable and at the begining of the wrap on the spool make sure it has good contact, it has something to do with grounding to the water or something to know when its up. I dont know how it works, but we changed to coated cable and had to peel it all off strip the coating off at the begining and at a spot on the cable where we wanted auto stop to stop at. hope it helps
  11. we went out mon night and we went to 140 and it was a ghost town , we were trolling in shallower but the storm made us turn and burn in!!! so I would start shallow 80 ft or so and troll west and see what fires..... good luck should be a nice night on the water
  12. keep an eye on the transmission fluids too,
  13. that is correct mrhook, I also am doing this in our boat. I bought a fuse block and ran #4s to a fuseblock protected by a 70A inline fuse at the batt.
  14. From what I was told and have learned, with dc it has alot to do with voltage drop. A #14 will carry the amps ok but will have a big voltage drop running say 20', so the bigger wire will not get as much voltage drop in that same distance. So the marine radio pigtail can be small because it is only a foot long or so. Just my 2 cents
  15. But there is a path very small margin of error to get out clean.
  16. This is a guess but they were just dredging out by the breakwall and I think it is extra silt from the dredge out there stirring stuff up, It is soft muck.
  17. where in menominee, I hunt up there??? looking for a new lease!!! I am just east of stephenson.
  18. I would stay in, alot of luck 90 to 110 with bright colors!!!!
  19. Without a probe you can watch your dipsey rods and look at the bend they have, another way is the hum of rigger cable in the water, and another is if you look at your rigger line it will have bubbles off the back of the cable about 3/4 and inch long and go by that even though the lake is calm there is always a current watch your rods you can tell which way it is going, rigger cable etc.... We fished along time without a probe and somedays i wish we didnt have it, but try to keep gps speed at that 2.6 to 2.8 and watch the rods if the start bendin bad slow down a bit, and if they are limp speed up.... hope that helps
  20. I hope thats me, no I understand somewhat but ive fished tourneys that ya weigh the 5 biggest, at least you can catch ten and weigh five. Its all about the fun anyway... Ive never fished the big red but were gonna try it this year.... Hope to see ya there
  21. fish it then, everyone bawks at a rule change as long as all the teams are the same whats the difference, go fish and have fun....... just my opinion
  22. August, I havnt noticed any difference in any depth we have been from 80 to 250 ....
  23. Anybody know of a spray to keep them off my ankles , they are hungry lil suckers!!!!
  24. yes the are sea fleas, when your reeling in without a fish, when ya see some comin up the line slap the line on the water like a flyrod, it will get them off not 100 percent but enough, when your done fishing and the line is dry they come off easier then when wet...
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