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  1. I'd have a hard time fitting in the basket at weigh-in. We're not really all that worried about knocking Dave off. The 1 foot chop will be enough to scare him off most days
  2. Mike, I think you'll find no consensus here on how deep it will actually run. There are SOOO many variables...SOG, current direction and troll direction, strength of current, etc just to name a few. You can see from Joe's post that he's had it hit at various depths depending on speed. However, if you were running 2.0 SOG directly into a strong current, it might not even run 65 feet down. The key is consistency. If it is taking fish, keep it out. We adjust our other spread (say downriggers) within the range we believe it may be running until they start hitting fish (using our sonar in conjunction helps a ton as well).
  3. Nice job. Following the standard order of double, triple, quad...next would be quintuple (5), then you would have a sextuple (6).
  4. Alright Buster...that's bragging. How about some details for the rest of us headed out this evening after work??? Thanks in advance. Alright, I retract that now. Thanks for posting your update.
  5. I coated mine with Plasti-dip (black). I got it from Ace-Hardware. I coated mine to keep the lead from marking up the boat. Joseph may be correct that the smoother surface may decrease blowback but I doubt the results would be noticeable.
  6. Jim, the north side has the DNR ramp sandwiched between anchorage marine and yatch basin. You really cannot miss it. There is also a great fish cleaning station across the road from the ramp. As for landmarks/structure there is not much out there for structure. Landmarks vary if you want to go north or south. A lot of guys fish south between Holland and saugatuck. Others go north and use the port Sheldon power plant stacks for reference. With the weather and waves we will have to see where the fish have moved to..
  7. I saw that upperlimits post on perch as well. We need to get out and give that a shot.l

  8. Now it seems to me though that most of the break-offs we have had have come from the knot and not other areas on the wire though. It has seemed that we tie them up, run them a few times, and then they break right near the knot. I'll give the knot Adam suggested above a shot and see if that makes a difference. And by the way, the letting it slip issue had to have come from some of the rookies on the boat and not the "regulars" (ie. ME)
  9. I have one as well. It seems to work for us. We initially put it on a dipsey and were shocked at the lack of depth considering what was expected. We then put it on the DR to see how the depth compared to the DR indicator and it was working just fine. It has helped us locate the thermocline more than anything. With our experience the speed on surface and hum (and angle) of the rigger lines is sufficient to determine appropriate speed. The TD is a nice addition to our arsenal.
  10. I went with Shane Friday morning. The two we brought in were 6lb and 11lb. The three that were lost were decent fish. I would hazard a guess they were in the 12 to 15lb range. It was a nice morning without having to motor a long distance to find fish.
  11. I read this same thing last year. Ace HArdware has a small UV pocket light for like $10. I bought one and did a little experimenting at the house. One with natural light, one with a flash, one with my spot light, and one with the UV light. My findings were that the UV made the lures glow more quickly with less exposure. For example just waving the UV over the lures made them glow more quickly than the same waving with natural or spot lights. The flash required more time and multiple flash to get the same luminesence. When charging the same lure to the approximate same level (based onn visual comparison only) by each different means, I saw no change in the "length" of glow. My findings show that the UV was more desireable to charge the lures more quickly than other common methods. Stating that, I will concur with others above in that you need to be careful on the amount of charging to each lure. You definately can overcharge a lure resulting in a long time before it will reach the right glow to entice a hit.
  12. In my opinion/experience the best method is to find out what similar items are selling for on ebay and Craigslist. As indicated above, even though some of it has never been used and may still be in the packaging, it will still sell as used. That research would give you at least a starting point. I would try to sell it in lots if possible...almost as you have listed above. You can be certain that those listings likely did not sell for their original price but something within 10-20% less. Sorry to hear that things have arisen that make fishing negligable in your life. I think we all here (at least me) wish you the best in your current situation whatever that may be.
  13. I think the product you are looking for is called a GTM40 sold by Cabelas. They do not make or sell them anymore. I have been looking for one for a couple of years now with no luck as well. I have searched the internet over and over again as well including craigslist and ebay. IF I find a couple, I'll send you a note. If anyone else finds one or two could you let me know as well.
  14. I have found UV light to shine the lures more quickly and have a longer lasting glow than any other method I have used in the past. Ace hardware has small UV lights for $10 (you may have to order them at the store as they have rarely been in stock when I went to buy a couple). Just a quick couple of passes from the UV light on a glow lure and you are done. No holding them on the light or waiting for the flash to recharge.
  15. Went 5 for 7 from 6 to 9:30pm on Motion Show. A decent cooler of fish. Largest fish was 15lb 1oz. Average weight was over 11lbs. Glad the lake decided to lay down. Overall it was a great night on the boat. Thanks Shane. We fished 65fow with all fish coming on a south troll. The 2 we lost got off with 5 foot jumps out of the water (1st loss was craigs christmas on a fixed slider 45 down, 2nd loss was on wire diver back 120). Glow wonderbread spoon on DR took 3 of the 5 set at 65. Wonderbread j-plug on 300 copper and mountaindew flasher and green fly on full core took the other 2. Lost a board and a full copper set up...board has our number on it if anyone finds it We even had to clear lines at one point and shut the engine off. Lost about 20 minutes plus on that adventure. We took a plastic bag over the water intakes that spiked the engine temps. I would like to think that failing the bag incident we may have had at least one additional fish. Marty
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