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What has been going on the last few months

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Sorry for the lack of reports for the past couple of months, but it has been busy. Work has been crazy, and I also added a new toy/tool to my shed this past fall. I also completed my NYS guides license. So now it is time to have some fun. The following are a few pics from the past couple of months of the little time I have had to play. I will be out later this week with the kids, hoping to get them their first fish off the ride. Enjoy.









She is taking over already. lmao












I hope you enjoy the porn, more to come. Happy News Years to all my fellow Anglers.


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Thanks guys, I will do my best to continue with the pics and reports. Yes it is better than sitting in the ice shanty, esp when the grill comes out. Ste, steaks, venny sausage, and burgers so far. It sure does help with the kids, they r all good for almost all day now. Will be out a few times over the next week and a half.


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