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PVC rod tree

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anyone ever make a rod tree out of PVC? I got a prototype made up to run 2 planner boards and hold the landing net. It diddnt cost more than 20 bucks. Anyone have any luck with the same thing? will it be strong enough?

It could be ok for Walleye, but I would not trust putting my $$$$ Salmon Rods in one.

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I suppose that would help if you fiber-glassed them in, kinda takes away from the quick cheap and easy idea though. I have used PVC in lots of applications over the years outside in sunlight it always gets brittle and breaks it was never intended to be a structural support material it has always been a conduit material. As such the Gray conduit pipe is UV protected but again lacks any real strength so back to the same problem it will break sooner or later do you want your fishiing pole in it when it breaks?

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I guess if it could be done it would have; I better go with metal. thanks guys!!
metal would be the right choice,i have watched a few of the lexan rod holders snap right off and a $100 to $250 dolar rod go swiming.i am sure pvc would do the same
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My friend used to use PVC rod holders on his boat. We always tied the rods down in case the holders broke. Good thing because one morning the holders snapped and are on the bottom of Lake Michigan in 60' of water out of Muskegon. Now he uses Tite Loks. There are guys who make rod trees on the side. Or any fab shop could do it. Mine were made by a friend and work great.

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I was lucky enough to get a hold of some tent poles. 1.5" diameter.

I did all the cutting and machined the plates that attach to the boat.

I would not try and run pvc for salmon. I've had the plastic cabela ones

blow up on me.:eek:

hope this helps.

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