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  1. http://www.fiskeguidning.se/fiskeguidning/default.asp?id=89&language=sv#SlutrapportfrånLaxcupNynäshamn Some pics from the competition. Every competition have their own rules, this competition have some rules that are common, every team must have a VHF-radio with a certain channel so everyone can be notified, also every team must take a tag every morning and give it back when they return to the harbour every evening. Maximum 10 rods per boat and 6 salmons per day (never happened that someone caught that many on a day during this competition), gaff is banned, captain of the boat must be at least 18 years old, speed limit when sailing out and home at 7 knots. Fishing methods is mainly spoons, mixed with some plugs like Tomic, some fish with deadbaitfish but it´s not so common in the Baltic sea, more common in the big lakes of Vänern and Vättern.
  2. Today a 3-day salmon competition ended just south of the capital Stockholm in the Baltic sea, 58 salmons caught by 36 boat of total 49 boats caught salmon. Biggest catch was a 17,8 kilo (39 pounds?), winning team had 4 salmons total weight 38 kilo. Outside competition further north in the Stockholm archipelago around an island called Singö 54 salmons was caught on saturday, don´t know how many boats was involved nor the biggest salmon. These salmons are mainly immigrating fish whom swim north to spoon in their native rivers.
  3. 6 feet Rozenmeijer rod and tuned 5500 Ambassadeur. Not far from the location the IGFA alltackle record for Tarpoon is caught.
  4. Some people use it here for atlantic salmon, but not many. Thx for the ridgeback rattle links, oddlooking to say the least?
  5. Depends if you are in love with your 20$ rod and it´s not made anymore. Last summer during carpfishing I saw one of the Brits rod flying into the water during a carp took the popup bait, gone forever, cheap rod but his favorite, of course not for sale anymore. He wasn´t pleased with the young brat whom thought he secured the rod.
  6. One advantage fiberglass rod holders would be that it´s not as cold as metal when you fish in cold weather. Lake Vänern in Sweden during winter and holding onto metal, no thank you.
  7. One of my favorites are a Swedish plug named Vicke, 3/4 ounce is the weight I use http://www.sportfiskeguiden.se/index.php?cPath=64_65_66
  8. I ordered Tica Seaspirit SS348LC, it´s counting in meters. Anyone else tried it out?
  9. Kuusamo spoons are used here in Sweden too, but mainly for northern pike. Sorry for hijacking the thread. OT, see some rapala plugs sure the work fine for salmon/trout, the jointed will be best ones for slower speeds.
  10. People here that uses lines like fireline or powerpro (which is very slippery) when they floatfish with livebait while using gliding float uses strings of wool as stopper knot, it got good grip on the line. I reckon it could be worth testing, http://www.theknittinggarden.com/ro-woolcotton.htm
  11. I forgot to add, if you looking for an english speaking saltwater fishing forum (mainly europe and africa) I recommend www.worldseafishing.com
  12. Only used gulp worm for saltwater fishing for atlantic halibut, a significant difference, you bait you 3/4 jigg with them.
  13. OK, so the iceburgs could be used as givaways where there´s banks to fish around, did you have any seacharts of the area and where the accurate?
  14. Aha, so jigging isn´t that active when you fish from the ice? Always learn something...
  15. This has never failed? A very good atlantic salmon fisherman I fished with uses rubberbands and to pull the led weight off the line (snap the rubberband off), he still uses this method but it has failed once with a +30 lbs atlantic salmon on the other side of the line, the line snapped as well.
  16. Interesting, where they more movement in the water around the ice? Calm water is often not a good sign unless you fish surface lures during hot weather.
  17. None, but I caught the cousin named zander twice, about ten in total. They don´t live where I do, biggest was a 8 lbs, been with my mate when he caught a 12 lbs. What´s the average size of your walleyes?
  18. Does it twist the line a lot of do you use a ballbearing swivel infront like Shampoo one?
  19. Any specific car brand that are more reliable than others when it comes to car electric windows for using in a damp environment as a boat?
  20. Complicated issue to say the least. British, Danish and Swedish aid agencies set up aid projects to start off fishing off the coast of Somalia during the 1970ies, where they provided boats, freezers and such. The Somalis which don´t eat much seafood (they prefer camel-, goat- and sheepmeat) and don´t eat shellfish at all due to religious reasons, so most they caught was exported, Somalia was a socialist country back then and the price of fish/shellfish was pricetagged and they worked in co-operatives. Iraq had fishinglicens also, so those "apologists" whom say that foreign fishing has wrecked the economy of the fishermen is a tad bit wrong, it was artificially started by outsiders. It has affected nations like the Seychelles where a houseboat vessel was captured and taken to Somalia, it had just left off the tourists a few hours earlier which been flyfishing off remote atolls, basically it been hurting the Seychelles tourist economy badly since both diving and sportfishing had to be stopped in part of the country. A bad situation all in all....
  21. It´s like telling a brown trout and atlantic salmon apart, not always easy, obviously you don´t catch +40 lbs brown trout but otherwise it the head, jaw and tail that you can see the difference. BTW my "secret" basslure is the Yo-zuri Slavko oh bug, bought it in a Portugese shop and fished with it only the last day. It´s a plastic copy of an old wooden lure from the US during 1940ies, have a few that swear buy it as the best lure ever for smaller fish, but impossible to get hold on it seems (or at least for me) since the molds been destroyed by Yo-zuri. Good for rainbow trout as well, but I had no success so far, I won´t fish for european perch in waters with northern pike with mine since it got affection value, but it could certainly appeal to EP as well....
  22. Yes, it´s called Jack Crevelle and takes topwater lure like crazy, can wiegh about 50 lbs, very tasty eating, remind you a bit of tuna. This is a 20lbs, since the camp we lived on (private rented island by a French guy in the Bijagos archipelago) was geared towards fishing, we had them a few times.
  23. Sure you need to fish in solitude on the ice to fish it efficently. Flying lure had a bit of checkered carrier here in Sweden, it first came along on those TV-shows on commercial TV and you had to buy 20 of them, using the US commercial for black bass taking the lure it poorly launched. Since no black bass exist here most used it for european perch, problem is that they often live with northern pike and those cut the line, if fitted with spade-end hooks and thin wire it would fit fishing here better.
  24. Congrats, Nail, I couldn´t tell small or largemouth apart, different colors from the largemouths (much smaller) I caught, otherwise no way for me to tell the difference.
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