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Went out with my Uncle Budly today to do a little trollin and perchin. Fog was THICK when we got out there at 1pm so we decided to troll to G.H.. Started in 80 fow and kinda worked n/nw from 80-100fow. We were 3-4 by the time we made it to the perch grounds at around 4pm. Fished for those for about an hour and caught none so at 5/5:30 we decided to call that and troll back.

Hit 80 fow and set lines back down on a south/sw troll and went 5-7 from 100-120 fow. Pulled lines at 8pm and called it a good day going 8-11 on kings with one laker.

Heres what worked...

1.Dipseys out 175 w/Blue Bubble flasher Bugeye Alewife Fly. (Hot)

2.Riggers Down 42 and 56 one with Flounder Pounder other with Brooke Trout (Moonshines)

3.5 color core with Steelie Cane DW.


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