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Holland 08-03/ 9 for 14ish

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Well...heres how my rookie report goes. Me Crossthelinestilltheylooklikespaghetticobra :D and rdlosinfishfishin :D started about 6am this mornin and set up in 90 fow on a south troll. Worked that down to saugatuck then turned out to 112 on north troll, didnt find to much goin on there so worked back into the 90-80 range and somehow ended up with our limit at 2:30pm. With one being a small shaker. Couple of 15-14lbers rest in the 10-8lb. range.Really fuzzy on what all 'went' on 'what' today as I was forced to change up quite a bit.:D 10 colors with greendolphin glo back, and a pro king spoon I do not know the name of but looks like uv tape, 12 color with green glo j-plug 'silver horde', Dipseys set 2 out 170 and 150 with blue bubble combos, and riggers from 45 to 60 down with mag. blue monkey puke,brooke trout, greendolphin glo back, moonshine hi-nrg a plethora of other spoons and chrome pro troll w/ firecracker fly 15' back went.We also released one fish that was not caught legit. Had a GREAT time even tho "I had more tangles today than I have had all YEAR".lol. Thanks for comin along Roger and Jay.:)

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