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like meny of the reports ive seen this week , mine starts out with, i left the dock at 5:30 with 3 complete rookies on board ,and ended the morning 2 for 11, not 11 hits ,11 fish fought and 9 lost near the boat

but the best part is i got to see a 14 year old boy do battle for 15 min with a 15 lb king "his first, and on a wire diver", and even better than that i asked him how that was and his reply was ,CAN I GET THE NEXT ONE as he was the only one of the crew that could get a fish to the boat

any how some of the things that worked where

green glow j-plug on a full core

white spinny and mt. dew fly on a rigger down 50 and on 300 copper

blue bubble meat rig 175 out on a wire diver

happy meal m.s. on a 12 coler

and a blue bubble spinny and fly on a wire out 125 on 2

also we where in 60 to 115 fow:D

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Nice going, as with most anything with kids concerned if you save one of them it was worth while it is frustrating to lose so many fish but now that i have had a week to reflect back i remember my first trip out.......

::::insert dream sequence::::

My uncles boat (22 ft islander)manistee i believe the year was 1975 i was sitting in the rear facing seat being very bored after all i was only 11 I look up and i see this rod just bouncing my dad and uncle were looking at the old paper graph wondering why the fish were not biting? so i walk over to the rod being the curious lad i am, just looking at it all the sudden the line just starts screaming off this thing my uncle probably would have tossed me over if my dad was not there but instead he yells GRAB IT! so i did, i couldn't get it out of the holder my dad reaches over my shoulder and helps me get it out and makes sure i have it(and he asked bout 10 times) before he let me have it on my own this was probably the biggest fish i have ever had on line.it was all i could do to hold this thing, i wedged my self into the corner and vowed that i was not gonna lose this contest of strength.we fought for what seamed like hours but I'm sure it was only minutes, sometimes i was winning and confident other times i was tired and scared i was gonna lose.we didn't have countdown reels in those days so i had no idea how much line was out or how long we fought this monster and I.I don't know if he saw the boat or he was just resting waiting to make one more big play but the rod started screaming again and the rod tip almost touched the water and then...he was gone. i was crushed i couldn't believe it this fish that i had battled for so long and tried so hard to boat to gain the trust and respect of my Dad and uncle was gone.after reeling the bait the rest of the way in we found that 2 of the hooks in a treble hook were pulled almost strait.

My dad and uncle were great they bragged the day away how i had managed to battle a fish so big for so long even with a bait that was obviously defective and how i must be some sort of super angler my chest swelled to be sure. i still felt the sour taste over losing that fish but i did feel that i was now part of the "salty crew".

years later as i look back I'm sure that i did something to lose that fish i most probably thumbed the reel to stop him from running but to be honest i don't remember.and now i feel a little ashamed that i was so hard on my rookie crew from last week.

sorry i rambled on so but i needed to get that off my chest...lesson learned

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