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  1. Thanks for sharing Joe. I love that show. Billy is one of my favorites.
  2. Thanks for the report Kevin. Welcome to the site.
  3. Thanks for the updates Frank. It's always a pleasure to read them.
  4. This is a great boat, and a fabulous deal.
  5. Great job Alan. It's nice to see some reports from the great area of Charlevoix.
  6. A lot of those fish are White Fish. They lay on the bottom all day, and rise at dark to feed.
  7. I also love my Cannon Dual Axis. You can save some cash, and get the single axis Cannons. They are one handed operations, and that is fantastic.
  8. We have one for Saturday, but still need one for Sunday..
  9. Brown bottle pain killer is your friend Robert.
  10. The gang decided to fish the pro division and now we are in desperate need of an observer. If you want to see how a pro team approaches tournament fishing, and make some pocket change, we are in need. Basically we need a person to be at Yacht Basin Saturday, and/or sunday at 5:30am to sit on a boat and watch a team catch fish. The pay is $50 per day. We need a person for both Saturday, and Sunday. If you are interested give me a call. Ken 616-460-4900
  11. Sad to here that that great northern lake Mi fishing has turned into a laker fishery. Thank you for the report.
  12. That 11am-5pm is not a great time to fish, but it sounds like a wonderful trip with the family.
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