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  1. Fished Friday evening, 2 boats 1 king each, really tall 1' waves. I came real close to my first skunk of the year picking up my only fish just as we decided to wave the white flag and pull lines. She was on a braid mag diver out 250' with dragon slayer sd and yellow gasoline uv meat rig. Saturday AM not so bumpy both boats went 4 for 5. On my boat, green and chrome ace high 120' down on rigger took two, mag braid diver out 300' with green 8" pro troll e-chip paddle with riverside fly 2-2 and above mentioned meat rig out 275' 1-2. All 4 year olds. Temp break about 100'. 170-200 fow. Quit at 10:30 AM. Stayed at Buzz's Lakeside Inn on White Lake, awesome place!
  2. Went with 2 17 yr old cousins, it was the first time for one of the boys. Went 6 for 7 before getting pushed off by thunder at 9:15 AM. 3 4yr olds, 2 8-10 pounders and a skamani (not sure of the spelling). Yellow to green ace high plugs, green e-chip flasher with riverside fly, green and white sd towing a custom green meat rig. In 100-150 fow, 2.2 at the ball, everything caught was 70-80' down. Could only get to them with riggers and mag braid divers. A good morning and another kid hooked on salmon fishing!
  3. I never see any boats when going across US2. Must not be very crowded up there, gotta love that!
  4. 8-15-15, 6:30-9:30 AM, 12 for 12, kept 6 kings, 1 steal, 2 LT, chartreuse splatter back ace high on 200 cu, mag moonshine lemon ice 35' down on rigger, 3 color moonshine rv standard dancing anchovy, e-chip paddle and custom fly on mag braid diver 100-150' out, green sd with yellow gasoline meat rig on mag braid diver out 125-200' out, 2.2mph at probe, 50-180 fow, greens and yellows, spoons and jays early ,meat and flies later. First 3 rods fired less than a minute of being set in the rod holder, things slowed when the sun came up, headed west with a steady pick and hit a triple on the last fish.
  5. Maybe this is a stupid question but right around sunset my graph will load up with fish which seems odd after marking very very few fish all day long, where do they come from? Are they laying on the bottom? Do they come in from way out, if so you would think you would mark some as they are coming in? Are they staying away from the boat signature till low light? Most of the time I might as well pull lines at that point because I can't get em to bite. What are they?
  6. 8-5-15. set lines at 7:15 pm after pounding north for an hour. 10# king standard moonshine dancing anchovy 100' down on rigger. 6# laker on fat nancy standard spoon on full core/66# 125' cu combo deep water rig. 8# king on standard moonshine blue ladder back spoon w/ glow back on 300 cu. temp break was 90 plus feet. all in 130-140 fow.
  7. 5/6 if l count the 3 shakers. 12# king UV blue dolfin 300 cu 225 fow. 14# king green meat rig 8" green SD mag braid diver 275' 136 fow. small salmon were discovered when pulling lines. Hard to catch a big fish when a small one is already on the hook , l guess l should have checked them.Temp break was at 70' plus. Might try PW this pm.
  8. Hello everybody. New to this site. I enjoy reading your reports. I used to post on another site but got tired of the B S and negativity. Been salmon fishing on my own 18' Lund with a 6 rod spread for about 7 years. Had my best year ever last year averaging just over 6 fish per trip. Been out 3 times this year going a total of something like 12 for 23. One 20# king! Meat has been good behind any 8" SD with green on it. Going out of WH this afternoon, will post results.
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