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  1. I am on the Michigan shoreline at Port Sheldon, just north of Holland

  2. You guy's are nut's .........Only God can walk on Water! See you In the Spring, Want to try some Brown's I've heard the West Side is the Best side. Where and when? Is Kenosha Ok? or do you Start further South?
  3. I've put flasher on the ball's before, kept them tight 5' to 7' didn't even get the second pole in the water and had a fish. good and effective.
  4. If you are not sure of the setting put your dipsey out first set drag on loose to pull line out, this will also give you time to process other poles
  5. I thought you were taken Johnny? Tell Steve nice fish.
  6. I wish it was spring tomorrow, But then I'm not quite ready.
  7. Hey JR, I might have one more trip in me this year. Jenn, said something about New Year's, coming/going home, I can't remember witch way to go. But I am getting pretty excited for this spring, for the Brown's
  8. PlilBob want's to take up Ice Fishing, How much is this going to set me back? It's been a long time scene I've gone.

  9. Anybody out there?

  10. FOUND IT, Give me a shout. TTYL

  11. What's wrong with the clock? it's only 7:15 Ken, Are you fishing? and yes I got the password all set. I guess I just need to find the PM Messaging.

  12. Any body heard from johnny? Phil, What do you do in the winter? Any Ice Fishing? Ken took me and the boy's out last weekend Walleying The boy's got board, so we called it a lesson learned.

  13. Hello, I'm here!

  14. Sound's like I better start sharpening my hook's.
  15. What,s up Guy's, Took me awhile to find my way around, It's been a about a year I think since I've posted any thing. I'll try to stay in better touch. Thanks.
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