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  1. Hello, Wanted to thank everyone for the information they share as it helps lead us all to fish. I've been fishing for 3 years now and have recently got way more into the sport. Just upgraded my boat this season to handle bigger waters. I've had my head wrapped into getting the new-old boat running smoothly, but want to begin sharing my experiences as well. Unfortunately my early reports will not be overly detailed, but I will improve as time goes forward. 5/14 PM Trolled in lazy zig zag about 2 miles south of the Grand Haven pier heads in 90-130 fow. Speed at the ball running 25' down was about 2.3 mph. Only got one hit at 7:42 pm. 17 lb king on 6 color leadcore pulling a DW SS Craig's Steelhead pattern. Only hit; 1/1. 5/15 AM Ran straight west out from the pier heads and set up 270° troll in 90 fow. Got a small 12 lb King on an 8 color setup forgot which spoon. (possibly DW SS Jordo???). Then got back to back coho bites on Standard size braid divers running orange spoons (?????). Both divers were clear color with small rings, settings were on a 3 and port side set back 65 and starboard side set back 82. Pulled lines at 10:15 am to run in for appointments/lunch 3/3. 5/15 PM Ran out around 3 pm towards port Sheldon. set up in 90 fow and zig zag trolled between 90 and 140 fow for about 4 hours with not even a hit. Reversed the course and headed back to Grand haven zig zagging 50 and 80 fow. Took another nice King that measured 25 lbs around 7 pm on the exact same setup as 5/14 pm. 6 color leadcore with a DW SS Craig's Steelhead. 1/1. Navigation Notes: I'm unsure if everyone is aware of this fact, but they now have "activatable" foghorn lights on most of the lighthouses in West Michigan. Very helpful for running in conditions of poor visibility and low light. To trigger the light go to VHF channel 79A and hit your microphone button 5 times. Lastly: I regularly monitor channel 68. My new boat is named Trophy Taker (formerly RogueOne that was a 19' fish n ski-not renaming due to bad luck mojo). If I'm on the water, I'm not afraid to share what we have been doing. Regards, -Tyler K.
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