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  1. Thanks Capt I learned a lot.
  2. Anybody using slide divers for salmon? thanks
  3. Thanks, I mostly fish solo and have been using 2 1/2 to 3 ft leaders. Hard to net 8ft leader but I'll see how long a leader I can manage. Thanks again, Chris
  4. Do you mean a 8' leader between the dipsy and the dodger?
  5. Their really just Spin doctors that I've modified with paint, eyes, and different kinds of tapes. But they've been great for me the past two years.
  6. This is my 1st report. Fished Holland Mon. and Tues. morning 6 -10AM Monday went 3/3 all Kings (2 mature) 2 matures hit on green meat rigs - home made spinny - wire diver back 200 on 1 1/2 One medium king hit on Blue Flounder Pounder - rigger down 60 145 fow Tues: 2/2 one mature King and a nice Coho King hit the blue Flounder - rigger down 45 Coho hit the green meat rig. on home made spinny - wire diver back 200 on 1 1/2 145 fow Also fished Monday night 4 - 8PM - nothing hit
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