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  1. Headed out of PS and fished Grand Haven 8/24. Had a fish on a rigger for about 30 seconds and that was it.
  2. Lines in the water from 8AM to 10:30. Had 2 hits on a rigger 45 down with a RV green flounder Pounder. Lost both. Landed a 8lb steel head on a 300 copper. Was bringing it in the change lures and it hit when then board was 10 feet behind the boat. Landed a 15lb king on a green Luhr Jensen meat rig on a braid dipsey on 2, 125 back. This was an interesting fight. He was not happy and got tangled in my 300 copper when he went on a run. He pulled the board under and the 30lb backer broke on the 300 copper. Got the King in the boat, re tied the copper, reeled that in and soun around and picked up my board. Fished 120-130 fow. Marked fish the whole morning. Speed on Graph varied from 2.5 to 3. All hits on a north troll.
  3. On the 16th that was the deepest I have seen it this year. Rear tires had water up them 5 inches
  4. The sign says closed. I have been driving around it and launching the last 3 weeks. Last weekend the guy in the hut even checked my tag. When I asked about the sigh he just shrugged.
  5. Good work. We chickened out and went down to Holland. Fished allover and landed a Steelhead in 150 FOW on a dipsey with fly 150 back on 3. Killed 100+ flies. Boat is a mess
  6. Fished 120 to 155. 1 for 1 Caught a 8lb king on a dipsey on 3 150 back on a JJ Mac Muffin Spoon. Ran all spoons. Good first trip of the season. Pulled lines at 10. Marked a lot of fish in 140 to 150.
  7. Swung by at lunch today to see if they were in. Nice looking docks. Much needed upgrade
  8. I am done big lake fishing on the boat for the year so no more reports from me. I drive by PS every morning and evening and the lot has been empty. Maybe because of the seaweed. I have also been seeing very few boats in GH or Holland when fishing the pier this week.
  9. Fished til 12. Ended 0 for 1. Done for the season on my boat
  10. Went to PS this morning, saw the weeds and headed to Holland instead. Couple boats that had launched were a mess. Lines in the water at 8AM in holland in 90FOW. Marked a ton of fish between 120 and 140. 1 rip on a 300 copper meat rig in 160. Currently sitting 0 for 1. Waiting for the fog to lift and we will be headed in.
  11. Caught sheephead Wednesday night from PS pier and Thursday night from the Holland Pier and Channel . A flip brings steelhead into PS reliably
  12. Lines in the water from 7:30 to 10:30. Started just north of M45 in 90 FOW. Immediately doubled on the down riggers down 80 feet. NW troll Flounder pounder RV spoon and blue jeans spoon. Landed a 5lb laker and lost one half the size right behind the boat. Fished out to 120fow. until we were west of the grand haven piers zero other hits. Was running meat rigs, flasher flies , j plugs and spoons. Average SOG 2.8mph. Might be my last outing unless I start hearing some good silver reports. Have enough laker in the freezer now.
  13. Lines in the water at 7:30. Started at the bouy and headed north west. Went out to 160 and back in. Pulled lines at 10AM. Marked very few fish and no bait. 0 for 1. 140fow 120 down blue jeans spoon.
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