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  1. Been living and working here in the PNW for over 30 years soon to be retiring and will be moving back to WI. Are my old haunts still as productive as back in the 80's? I have seen a few videos showing that there have been some absolutely dramatic changes since I last fished there. Looks like access is easy and abundant.
  2. About this time last year I stated that the runs here on the central Oregon Coast were in bad straits, well 2019 was on par with 2018. Until this past week the rivers were running at summertime lows since last April. Extremely low clear and cold water were the norms most of the fall. The Chinook run was non-existent we did have a fair Coho run but they are off limits except in certain locations. And so far the steelhead have been a no show. But on the bright side I've been fishing some great stretches of my local rivers how I choose at my pace leaving when I feel the water has been adequately covered. I have worked for each fish I've hooked and it's made me appreciate them more. Hope the rivers in SE Wisconsin had better conditions.
  3. When I lived there these spots especially Jones Island and under the Hoan Bridge along with the power plant in Port Washington tended to produce a few late salmon that were still in good condition into December. But pretty much from November through the winter (as long as it wasn't frozen over) were and I have read still are great producers of winter Browns and Rainbows and from what I understand whitefish and Burbot show up regularly.
  4. It can be but with the bad ocean and poor instream conditions the past several seasons (amongst many other reasons) our runs have been dismal. This years run for this area of the coast was predicted to be at best 25% of normal but even that didn't materialize since we have had very little rain to raise the rivers and get the fish to the spawning beds. My home river usually runs between 5-8 feet on the river gauge this time of year with a couple of flood events. It has been above 3 only twice since last May. With no water and even fewer fish ODFW enacted emergency restrictions and shut down all the rivers to the fishing for Kings above various landmarks most way low in tidewater. We are supposed to get our first major storm of the year over thanksgiving so keeping my fingers crossed it kickstarts the winter steelhead season.
  5. With the salmon season here on the northern Oregon coast a disaster at best was looking to drown my sorrows with a few reports from the old homestead. Anyone fishing McKinley, Jones Island etc.?
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