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  1. Like Silverking, I haven't been out in over a week, but we were 5 for 6 decent Kings and 1real nice Laker with lots of marks between 110 and 120. With the winds we've have I think around 200 might not be a bad start. Good luck. "My Dawn" on 68.
  2. Welcome aboard. The fish in your picture almost looks bigger than your boat.
  3. I just ordered mine today. I'd love to hear a final update on how your install went.
  4. 62 degrees on top at 120ft off St Joe Sunday.
  5. Besides the fact that it's fun window shopping, it's extremely educational for the day you do pull the trigger and start shopping for real. I just bought a bigger new to me boat and I'm still window shopping. Drives my wife crazy.
  6. Now we won't be able to see your head bobbing above your windshield.
  7. Allen, http://www.dreamweaverlures.com/products/trolling-flashers/paddles/paddles-11q They come in 8" too http://www.rapturetrollingflies.com/
  8. Tackle Haven on Riverview Drive. Thortons Café on the corner of Ship street catywompus from the gas station in St Joe, and Frankies Diner on Main street in Benton Harbor just over the bridge. Most people fish from the pier, and it probably offers the highest success, but a lot of Benton Harbor people fish from the bank across from Tackle Haven. If I had my new boat rigged by then I'd offer to take you out, but I don't think it's gonna be ready by then.
  9. I'm read up enough to understand the difference between hard and ablative bottom paint. My boat won't be trailered or out of the water until storing in winter, but ablative still seems the way to go so I wouldn't have to repaint it with hard every spring. Am I missing anything? What's your preferred type?
  10. Sea trial tomorrow on a Sportcraft 252 with a Volvo 5.0 duoprop. Pretty sure it was 220 hp. Curious on what I should be looking at for a top end rpm? Thanks.
  11. Yeah good work, that really looks nice.
  12. I'm impressed with how promptly this was resolved. Good work admin.
  13. Will you be adding the selection to your web site for we on line shoppers? Currently, I can only find one.
  14. Raymarine hands down imo. As for riggers, I've only used them once on someone else's boat, but his Scottys were scary strong and fast. My 4 Walkers that came with my current boat are adequate but I don't think top of the line by any means. Darn things just won't break down though so I can get new ones. They remind me of when I told myself I'd upgrade to a flat screen HDTV when my old one stopped working. Darn thing is still being used in the basement and the Walkers are still plugging away on my boat. Had to just bite the bullet and upgrade the t.v. Riggers are next. Nice new boat like that, you want the best you can get. I've been boat shopping heavily for several months but wasn't looking at vessels that long. For price comparisons I'd search the major boat listing sites for similar models and see what they are going for. Was it a salt water vessel before it found it's new home? Boats in this tri-state area sure seem to bring a higher asking price then the coastal states. NADA values aren't even close to what a boat can actually bring, from my shopping experience.
  15. Wow, you got the Scooby Snacks! I landed my first salmon on that boat, thanks to Dave. This was I think 3 years ago and I had just bought a 20 ft Wellcraft nicely rigged, but I didn't know what the heck I was doing. Now I'm looking at 28 ft Baha and bought a NavNet system for a boat I haven't even bought yet. It'll make you crazy. Welcome to the site.
  16. Half the fun is buying new stuff. The power of marketing is strong.
  17. I worry calling that over the radio may result in some unwelcome replies, lol.
  18. Welcome. I'll keep an eye out for your Grady in St. Joe.
  19. Welcome to the site, Captain Dan. I look forward to your posts.
  20. After fishing with a couple guys on the forum I was shown I wasn't running my boards out nearly far enough. Letting them run waaaay out there cut my tangles last year to zero. Just make sure you have plenty of backing on your reels.
  21. I use the X4D and have found it very useful, especially once when the counter went out on one of my riggers. I have my transom transducer mounted about 20-24 inches from my outdrive and my readings seem to be accurate. I do get occasional readings where it seems to kind of freak out and give funny readings for about 20 seconds and then either reacquires the signal or reset itself. I'm very happy I added it.
  22. What knot do you use to tie the lead core to the copper?
  23. I wonder if perhaps the lead core gives a more inticing action to the lure.
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