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  1. Look forward to seeing you guys more this season.
  2. It's a sweet ride. If I were in a better spot you'd be hearing from me lol.
  3. Proud of that 8/8 and glad I wasn't chumming the water all morning lol.
  4. Andy:

    We are looking for fishermen for this Sunday. Let me know if you are interested. My cell is 269 929 4221

  5. The wife and I tried the Shore Lunch cornmeal mix this weekend for the first time on some walleye, was amazing. And that's understating it.
  6. Has anyone advertised on michigan sportsman forums at all? Maybe attract some more interest.
  7. O man sounds like heaven. Look forward to getting out in that kind of weather lol. .
  8. Maybe I should have ate a bigger breakfast so I could have chummed the water better. That was officially my first time experiencing waves 3 to 5 +. That being said it was still a fun trip even though I was silent and ghost white for half of it lol.
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