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  1. I considered the pancakes as well, if nothing else but for the fact that they look cool and would look awsome if i painted flames on them. But I think TJ is right about the cross current being a problem where I/we fish. He's a little farther north. I have very limited experience, but I think TJ even noticed how strong it is down where I fish.
  2. I just looked these up and realized what they were. As it turns out my boat came with 3 of them. 1 left.
  3. youch, $75. I dunno man, I'm going thru cannonballs faster then I went through your planer boards. Hence my desire to maybe make my own.
  4. I'm considering buying molds to pour my own downrigger weights. What's your preference of form for them, traditional cannonball style or the fish shaped ones? Does it matter much?
  5. Yes I saw those and was thinking they might work temporarily, but I believe those are intended for above the cannonball snap and would quickly wear out at the base of the cable housing. The thing I am looking for goes at the very top of the cable right in front of the top back cable wheel, and has a hole in it for the cable to slide thru. When a crimp hits it (crimp set at a pre-measured distance to stop cable when fully retracted), the cable automatically stops.
  6. Due to some broken cable, I need to replace what in my Walker electric downrigger manual is called a stopper. I think what was on the cables previously was not factory installed, as the diagram in the manual shows a square looking stopper, and what is currently on the other three riggers is a round bead looking device, similar to a large abacus bead, or for other old timers like myself, a peg from the old "Score Four" game. The bead allows the line to feed thru it and acts as a stop when a crimp on the cable reaches it and retracts the bottom pulley in on the rigger, stopping it automatically. The only thing close to it I have been able to find online are Scotty downrigger stopper beads, but they don't look anything like what I currently have on there. Does anyone know if the Scotty stoppers will work, or have any other suggestions? Thanks.
  7. Does the tip guide eventually wear and abrade he copper, without a roller?
  8. Jim, I'm curious as to why would you not leave the switch on both while trolling as that's when most of the battery drain occurs on the deep cycle from the electronics.
  9. Bought it, thought i better check with someone here before i installed it. My thought is like what Sherman said.
  10. Is it safe to run a battery switch on "both" (to charge both batteries while underway) when one is a starting battery and one is a deep cycle battery? I'm concerned it may harm the deep cycle battery. I'm also concerned I don't understand completely the purpose of a battery switch, but that's for another post.
  11. I talked to several others who were out yesterday in St Joe as well. It sounds like the bite dropped from amazing to zero overnight.
  12. Our condolences on your loss. The pain softens with time, and the memories get stronger.
  13. Was that you I was chatting with in Tackle Haven this afternoon?
  14. I should have gone with my normal pessimistic attitide, lol.
  15. Well, i shouldn't be such a pessimist. If the previous 2 posters don't take them, I will
  16. Shhhh. They'll all be gone by the time I get good at this. I want to thank TJ, his dad and Nick for being patient with my noobness. I mostly tried to stay out of the way, but every day I learned a little more. Thanks especially to them, and Dave Ashe and this forum, I feel semi-confident now at getting out by myself. I had a blast, needless to say. The tournament experience is a load of fun, and TJ wasn't kidding, we couldn't keep the fish off the hooks. I never thought I'd be fishing and throwing back 6 pounders saying ehhhh, not big enough.
  17. I'm tagging along with him tomorrow. Be honest.......was he gentle?
  18. Dave, I've got some questions about some of the stuff you taught me the other day:

    Concerning the braided line:

    1. How much line do you put on the reel? What test line do you recommend?

    2. Do you have thoughts on what size/type of reel to put it on? How about the type of rod? All mine are currently 8' 6" medium flex, should I stick with that style rod, or go with something different?

    3. The braided line was used to fish the dipsy divers, right? Do you have a rule of thumb concerning a ratio of how much line is out vs depth achieved?

    4. I forgot how the dipsy was set up, exactly. The dipsy attaches to the end of the line, then you ran a 50 lb mono leader off of the dipsy? How long was the leader?

    5. You ran the dipsy's off the side of the boat out of rod holders. Any rec's as to a preferred brand of rod holder? It seems like a pretty strong holder would be needed for trolling like we do.

    More questions on copper to follow, and thanks for your input.

  19. O.K. you've all said there are no stupid questions. Try this one on for size. I did some Googling and think I figured out what a roller rod is, but what are the advantages of it? Should I be looking to get some?
  20. My thanks to Dave for letting me tag along on today's ride. It was highly educational and enjoyable. He's a real gentleman and very knowlegable and patient with a noob like me. He's such a gentleman, in fact, that he didn't mention probably half the reason we lost that big fish was he made the mistake of handing the rod to me immediately after the strike. My first Great Lakes fish, and it felt like dynamite on the end of the rod. I was pretty sure we had accidently snagged a submarine or something. Needless to say, I got a little excited and started yanking on the rod like I was opening my first Christmas present. He tried to stop me, but it was too late. Fish off. Huge embarrassment ensued. All in all though, I thought it was a great day, even if the catch was less than Dave's standards. It really got me fired up to get back out.
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