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  1. I have one client that uses a honey bear jar that he fills with is own pee to use as a hand warmer, every time it gets cold he has another beer and soon can refill!
  2. 18 mile creek has open water just below the water treatment plant and a few steelies are taking small egg sacs.
  3. JD, Welcome aboard, look forward to reading your future posts!
  4. When you start a Youth Lifetime Sportsmen License program in your area you will find how easy it is to get businesses and local government official's to buy into it!Only takes a small number of sponcers for small dollars to cover printing costs to make signup forms and raffle tickets.We used a rifle and 3 fishing charters on a $5 ticket to raise $5000.00.Having a great Federation of Sportsmens Clubs that spread the rifle cost between all member clubs and the Eastern Lake Erie Charter Boat Assoc. members donated the fishing charters,the whole $5000 from sales went toward purchasing Youth Lifetime Sportsmen Licenses.
  5. I do the best with crankbaits for salmon & trout when the fish are close to shore in the spring when water near shore is the warmest and holding more bait fish.Then in late September trolling at creek mouths or up into creeks after salmon runs.When out in deep waters of Lake Ontario I do best on spoons and still use some old green back glow belly J Plugs that work well for me for Kings!
  6. I could get the new version of Thunder Stick Jr's to work after Gary Parsons showed me a trick to add one split shot 10 inches up the main line from the crankbait pull eye.This redirects the lip angle to make the new version have action like the old version.Wiggle Warts use to be durable and you were able to reel in Muskies on them,now they come apart on bass.
  7. I also use a lot of old Jr.Thunder Sticks that out produce the newer version for salmon, trout & walleye!
  8. I do a lot of Muskie Charters and muskies get use to the water movement of lure body designs over time and then do not bite that movement.I have reverted back to crankbaits that were good 25 years ago and started catching many more fish by doing so,water movement the fish have not picked up by lateral line over time and some younger fish have never encountered,muskies can live to be 35 years old here on the Niagara River.With this working for muskies I decided to dig through the garage and find old walleye crankbaits with different movement from what we use most of the time today and it did work!
  9. I reverted back to Hot N Tots last year for walleye off 8 colors of leadcore and they caught more walleyes then Renoskys,Challengers,spoons or harnesses! Best color was simple blue back crome finish.
  10. Thanks Everyone for making me feel really welcome here! I look forward to keeping everyone informed about what's happening on Easten Lake Erie & Niagara River Region for 2014!
  11. We would be more then happy to send Info on how to start a Youth Lifetime License Program in your area!
  12. Today's fishing & hunting survival depends on our youth's envolvement at an early age.Here in Erie & Chautauqua County, New York State we have taken a step to try to get more Youth envolvement.Besides Youth Fishing Clinics where we give away free fishing rods and hold learning clinics we have gone a step further.Thru the Ferderation of Sportsmens Clubs of Erie & Chautauqua County each have started a Youth Lifetime Sportsmen License Program.Each county sells raffle tickets with a riffle and 3 fishing charters to raise funds,those funds are used to purchase Lifetime NY State Sportsmen Licenses for as many kids that funds raised can allow.Each county raises over $5000 each year with this program and purchases 8 to 10 Sportsmens Licenses for kids up to 15 years old.The kids signup at County Fair's,fishing clubs and fishing tackle stores and are asigned a number,those numbers are put into a bingo drum and drawn randomly.Then each winning kid & parents are invited to the County Federation Awards Banquet where we have the County Execative award them their Lifetime Sportsmen License,fishing hats and other items etc.. I challenge other Counties in NY State and othe States to start this same program,I'm an email away from info on how to get it started. Capt. Larry D. Jones
  13. From 258 miles from Georgetown,Guyana on the coast to deep into the rainforest on Bat Creek this is an average Peacock Bass!
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