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  1. I would also say plasti-dip would work well, havent sprayed a ball with it, but i blacked out the emblems on my truck and it works great.
  2. It took me and my dad about a season and a half to hone our skill enough where we rarely get skunked, we dont put numberS in the boat like a lot of guys here but we are happy with 2 fish an outing. Although we usually run 4 rods, 2 riggers and 2 dipseys. We'll run and 8 color and a 2 color on boards when conditions are favorable. Just keep trying different things. When you find something that works stick with it. For some reason after we started using free sliders on our riggers we started hooking more fish. So that is something we do most times while running spoons. We dont run them if fishing plugs or paddles.
  3. Sorry for the thread jack What kind of spread do you run when its really late in the year? Do you just look for warmer water? Do you fish the beach? /threadjack
  4. Is anyone able to embed the video? Id love to see it but im at work and cant download the plug in required for the video on the computer here.
  5. I've been thinking the same thing this year. Did they increase the plants this year? or could it be the reduced stocking of kings?
  6. Sorry we lost connection last night- we got into the fish hot and heavey at 7:45 just North of the first se of nets, still in the 13's. About 120fow we had a triple and then a double all with-in 20minutes, finished with 7 real nice fish the biggest was 23.5lbs and dark. 11" pearl paddle and oceana fly on wire back 220 dis the best also green/chrome SD and a green fern fly did real well- hope you guys did well- we actually called it quits at 800 after the chineese fire drill.

  7. Does anyone know if they are still getting fish around the pierheads in Muskegon? Would like to go fishing tonight if the rain holds off and it's supposed to be pretty bumpy so I would like to stay in close.
  8. Crazy Senator wants to throw money away So this Senator wants to allow anyone to fish on holidays without buying a license, even out of state visitors. I think this is a VERY bad idea and would be a huge loss to our DNR budget. Fishing on holidays is very busy as it is and I'm sure it would get even busier, which is seconday concern to all the money lost. If anyone feels motivated im going to post the senators contact info and if you feel like it shoot her an email or give her a call and let her know if you oppose it. Hell contact her if you are for the bill too! To send an email to her you must visit her site and use the form on her webpage, there is no email given. http://senate.michigan.gov/gop/senators/contact.asp?District=20 Mailing Address: Senator Tonya Schuitmaker P.O. Box 30036 Lansing, MI 48909-7536 By Phone: (517) 373-0793 By Fax: (517) 373-5607
  9. Well Ive saw more bait balls on the graph this year than in the last two years combined I think. I'm a believer if the fish stay this size or get bigger even at the expense of catching less fish per outing.
  10. So I don't know too much about the crash of salmon on Lake Huron but didnt they have awesome fishing with large fish a few years before the crash? Is anyone concerned that all these big fish being caught this year is just that? Do you think its just the fact of the reduced salmon plants by the DNR?
  11. I've been thinking the same thing. The boats are always right at the mouth of the channel, but I'm thinking the sand docks might be just as productive and I would feel a bit safer than sitting in front of the channel. Do you need to have a trolling motor or do people anchor there??
  12. Been listening to you on the radio the last few times out. Think I heard you Monday morning and night. Ill have to give you a shout. Boat doesnt have a handle so I'll just use Jose. We don't get out too often but were hoping to be out there Friday evening, and both Saturday AM and PM Monday We popped two fish both morning and night right as we were starting out then ran out after we got our fill of fighting fish and the crowd. The kings were all nice and healthy, all over 15 lbs, biggest being 20lbs
  13. Hey! I know two of your crew. Mike and Chad. I went to school with Chad and have done a bit of walleye fishing off the pier with him and Mike!
  14. Lampreys Hate Smell of Death I thought this was a pretty cool video showing the respose of lampreys when they are exposed to an essance of a dead lamprey.
  15. Thanks for the link Jon. When I was out on Friday morning someone thought they hooked their downrigger on it, but the picture of the bouy on that site doesnt sound like the same thing. He described it as an orange round bouy that was 2 feet under the surface. That was in 68 fow just for everyones information and to look out for...
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