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  1. So interesting how different the techniques are from coast to coast. We are absolutely stuck on the 360 and triangle style flashers followed by a small 3.5 spinner or Brads cutplug stuffed with tuna, the dodgers are all but non existent over here
  2. Thank you Dr Hook, would like to get an earlier start so I dont leave when we are hitting our peak here
  3. So similar run timing as West coast. Is there a lake that runs are better for king/coho than others?
  4. Wanting to start scheduling a trip to try my hand at Great Lakes salmon fishing. Run timing, is there a peak month and what area to look toward with a charter? Thank you
  5. Greetings from the West side (Oregon) wanting to get a head start with meeting and learning the ways of the Great Lakes before venturing East. I make fishing flashers, both triangles and 360 rotating and want to adapt to new fisheries and work with some local charters with gear specific options. Looking to get a handful of leads then book some trips to head out on the water in search of salmon. Thank you for the opportunity and look forward to learning new water!
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