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  1. Holland 8/16 AM Not a bad day out on the lake today finished 7 for 9, 4 coho, 2 kings and a laker. Set lines at 95 fow off sliders, first hit came in 127 fow. Worked out to 150 in front of slider and began heading north from 160 to 180. Finished in front of the Holland channel with a double on coho 10 lb and laker 18 lb, both boat records for me. Fish seemed to come in clusters after about 2 hours of trolling we'd get a flurry and put a few more in the box. Trolling speed was 2.3 to 3.0 at the ball and fish came on every direction of troll. Wire divers with UV Crush spindoctor and Big Weenie Last Brunch port and starboard set on 1.5 and back 400 and 500 respectively took 17 lb king and the big laker. Green/Chrome Spindoctor with green Mylar fly on rigger down 70 took one and again when dropped down to 80. 10" UV crush spindoctor with Last Brunch on rigger 90 down took a hit but it got off. 225 copper with Mr Valium spindoctor and Rapture Northern Lights took a 12 lb king. Rigger down 110 with Moonshine Silver crush took one, same rigger with Mixed veggies on slider also took a hit that came off. Big coho came on 300 copper with another UV Crush Spindoctor and Big Weenie Poofster fly.
  2. I don't remember exactly $25ish Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  3. Last one I missed because he posted sign up on Facebook and forgot this site, hence my comment to follow on FB Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  4. Sign up is posted the week of the event Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  5. You may also want to follow on Facebook if interested Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  6. If you fish it you're part of the league Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  7. As I was trolling from 150 fow to 160 fow, the reading on my temp probe went from 50 deg to 53 deg. My probe did not change depth. It was a horizontal break not a vertical one.
  8. Holland 7/19 AM Barely any marks and no big kings out of Holland today. Set up in 90 fow on SW troll and basicly fished out front of the channel and a little north and south today. Same area as Saturday but fishing not nearly as good. Managed to find a 3 degree temperature break between 150 and 160 fow and took 3 steelhead going back and forth over it. After losing two and 2 more passes with no hits, the break was gone. Headed west and found another break of 3 degrees again in 180 fow and managed to take 2 small kings and a small laker. Went back through the same area and the break was gone again. Trolled back in to 140 and found the break again, but couldn't get anything to go. Fished 120-140 the rest of the morning with no more hits. 150 copper with Red Jeans, rigger down 60 with Moonshine glow/chrome with blue ladderback, and mixed veggies on slider off rigger 65 down each took a steelhead. Laker came on 180 copper with chrome/glow/green dots spindoctor with Northern Lights fly. Kings came on dipsey 150 back with UV crush spindoctor and Last Brunch fly, as well as Proctologist on Metallic Green/white/glow spindoctor on rigger 109 down. Misses were on the Last Brunch dipsey, and Green/Chrome Spindoctor with green mylar fly
  9. Holland 7/15 AM Great day of fishing today with heaviest box of the season. Finished 9 for 10 with 7 kings and 2 steelhead, largest king was 22 lbs. Set lines in 90 fow and took first hit in 115 fow. Fished 105 to 125 fow mainly on south troll at 2.3-2.7 at the ball. Took 4th fish at 7:15 then the bite shut off for about 3 hours. Heavy traffic kept me in for the morning but managed to slide out to 150 by 10:15 and took another 5 fish. Lost the 10th one at about noon when it got into another downrigger line so we called it quits and pulled lines. Pretty much trolled 2.3 - 2.7 all morning. Fished 145 - 165 on a north troll. 225 copper with Moonshine Blue Shorts took 2 hits Proctologist on Green/White/Glow Spindoctor on Dipsey 150 back took 2 fish. Rigger down 60 with Moonshine Silver Crush had one fish. Rigger down 90 with Blue Hulk had the hit that we lost. And my favorite Last Brunch on UV Crush Spindoctor on Dipsey 150 back to 4 of the fish including the big one.
  10. Bloodrun also makes a flea free line. Fleas seem to cling to it more than the Cortland Flea Flicker I've used in the past, but they come off the line easier.
  11. Holland 7/5 AM After a fairly decent day yesterday, decided to go out again on the second day of my mid-week weekend. Still slow again but managed to finish 3/3 with laker, king and steelhead. Fished 120 - 180 fow straight out with king at 165 and steelhead at 174. Laker again came on 225 copper Blue Shorts pulling lines in 130 fow. Steelhead again on dipsey 150 back with UV Crush Spindoctor and Last Brunch fly. King on rigger 65 down with Blue Jeans spoon.
  12. You'll probably need higher capacity than that for 300 copper. I use Okuma Clarion 55's and Convector 55's
  13. Holland 7/4 AM Started setting up lines in 165 fow this morning. No sooner were all the lines in the water, then the downrigger pops and up comes a nice 7 lb coho in 177 fow. Worked 170-180 fow and took another coho on the slider on the same rigger which was down 80 feet. Spoons were Blue Jeans on main and Blue Dolphin on slider. Lost marks so began to head west. Somewhere between 220 and 240 fow a small king decided to hit the braid dipsey 200 back with UV Crush spindoctor and Last Brunch fly. Light hit took us awhile to notice. Lost marks again in 250 fow so turned around on a long east troll. Back in 196 fow the same dipsey takes a big rip and we boated an nice steelhead. Began pulling lines in 130 fow and found a small laker hitching a ride on 225 coper with Blue Shorts on it. Not a bad day despite being slow. Marked fish pretty much continually 60-75 feet down from 190 to 240 fow. On the way back in we had good marks at same level from 160 - 130 fow. No fish got off today.
  14. They're not picky, membership application is part of the online signup
  15. Check out Holland Steelheaders Summer Challenge on their webpage.
  16. Holland 6/21 AM Slow day out on the lake today, but just when all hope seemed to be lost we had a mini-flurry of steelhead to finish 3 for 3. Started in 80 fow with decent marks but couldn't get anything to go so started heading deeper. Eventually made it out to 180, occasional mark there but no takers so came back in. Finally the steelhead turned on about 9:30 and had 3 in the boat by 10:30. Fished another hour with nothing so called it quits. Trolling speed was 2.5 - 2.7 at the ball and fish came on north-south troll in 110-115 fow. 2 came on 150 copper with Moonshine Rickety Ranger and one on 225 copper with Moonshine Blue Shorts.
  17. Was at that speed Sunday and still threw 5 back. Slowed today in part to try something different and in part because of uphill troll. I wasn't seeing any good marks either. I don't think there were any mature fish in the area. Good thought, though, thanks.
  18. Holland 5/31 AM Set up just south of Port Sheldon just to try something new looking for bigger fish. Worked 70-140 fow in a zig zag pattern. Nice 1 foot chop to start built to 2-3's by mid morning so we called it quits. Wound up 6 for 6 which isn't bad but they were all shaker kings and all were thrown back. Troll was NE and NW mainly 2.5 - 2.8 at the ball. Again ran 4 riggers staggered from 70 down up to 50 down, 150 - 180 - 225 coppers. Dipseys started 75 and 90 back and finished at 125 and 150 back didn't take any hits.
  19. Don't think its the leader length. My flies haven't been that productive either. It has really just been a spoon bite this year so far.
  20. Laker was on rigger 60 down on Moonshine Blue Hulk Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  21. Holland 5/28 AM A little bit better luck today. Set up in 70 fow on some nice marks and bait out front of the channel. By the time we had all lines in we were a bit south and ran out of marks. Turned around and came back to where we set up, bait was there but no marks so we turned out and took a fish. Kept doing circles in 70-90 fow. We'd find the bait with no marks and each time we turned we'd take fish going either west or south until about 10:00 then everything shut out. Moved out to 110 but still couldn't get anything else to go. Ran 4 riggers staggered from 60 feet to 45 feet down, braid dipseys 75 and 90 back, and coppers 150, 120, and 100. Spoons on everything except flasher flies on dipseys. Speed at ball was 2.5 - 2.8. Finished 8 for 9 with 3 kings, 3 coho, 1 laker, and a nice 6.4 lb brown.
  22. Holland 5/27 AM WMFL Fished the WMFL outing this morning. Thanks to the Outdoorsmen for their sponsorship. Fishing seems to be settling into the June pattern. Lots of smaller kings around and tough fishing for some. Set lines at pier heads with good marks. No takers after 2 passes so began to head out. First hit came in 50 fow on rigger 40 down with Silver Crush and boxed a nice king on NW troll. Coho came on braid diver 150 back in 100 fow with my favorite UV Crush spindoctor and Last Brunch fly. Continued NW and took a laker in 130 fow on rigger 117 down with Blue Hulk. Only took one more fish after 9:30 a shaker king in 130 fow. I think the only reason we noticed it was because rigor mortis set in, fish was stiff and curved when we brought it up. I think the curve started it spinning in the water and the rod began to twitch. Back at it tomorrow, weather permitting
  23. Holland 5/24 AM Fished a similar program to last Saturday. Set up in 90 fow this time again north of tunnel park. We were in 110 fow by the time lines were set, so went back in to 90. Still no takers, so we began heading deeper and began taking fish in 120 fow. Worked 120 to 130 down to Saugatuck picking up hits regularly with occasional double. Things began to slow down so we drifted out to 150 fow on a north troll and took two more coho. Our last hit came pulling lines in 93 fow, otherwise everything came 120 - 130 fow. Ran 4 riggers staggered every 5 feet from 70 to 55 feet down. Ran fixed sliders 15 feet above the ball. Braid dipseys with spindoctor/fly were set back 125 and 150 feet. Filled out the spread with 150, 225, and 240 copper. Trolling speed was 2.8 to 3.1. Everything took fish except 240 copper with Rickety Ranger, and a slider with Jerry Lee. Final tally was 1 laker, 3 coho, 5 kings, one that got away off a dipsey and 5 shaker kings we threw back. Lots of small fish out there would seem to bode well for next year. Baits that worked were: Green/glow spindoctor with Rapture Grand Illusion fly, UV Crush spindoctor with Big Weenie Last Brunch, Michigan frog, Silver Crush, Red Jeans, Blue Dolphin, Blue Hulk, Piston Cup, Blue Chilly Willy
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