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  1. Pyle's in South Haven Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  2. Good Job. We participated in coho fest as well, but only had a 2 man crew. Would have boxed our limit if we kept the 12 inch-er but finished 9 for 12 all coho. Pretty much every rod went as well but blue mag spoons off riggers were best. Of course they were best, downriggers puked out after we got lines set. Spent all morning raising and lowering them by hand. Finally started working again back at the dock. Ran riggers down 50 and 60, ran braid dipseys 135 and 150 back, ran 150 copper and 7 color off boards. We had first hit in 175, got one hit at 210, but 190 -200 was best. Took hits every direction but north. Speed at the ball didn't seem to matter much as we ran anywhere from 2.4 - 3.1. Hate to see the rain and east wind but with fishing like today, it can stick around a while
  3. They're still there. Coralee and I hit that water on his boat yesterday. 7 for 9 all coho.
  4. My Wednesday crew backed out on me, still got that open seat?  I'll take it if it is. 

  5. I can see that in 65 ft with a lipped diving bait.
  6. You may have to add weight such as a Dive Bomb to get 10 colors that deep Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman mobile app
  7. I don't do much early season for coho so I don't run much in the way of flasher-fly til the kings are around. Thin fin on 50' copper was bringing up zebras in 10-20 last Saturday but stick bait on 2 color did just fine
  8. Lot of firsts for the year this morning, first trip, first tangle, first bird in the cabin, but will have to wait for first skunk. Set up just before sliders after seeing a few good marks in the trough around 12'. Trolled down to Saugatuck and beyond without seeing much more. Turned out to head back north just by the point when 2 color with black/gold Rapala went in 30 fow. A few minutes later we had a 12 lb king in the boat. Speed during the turn was 2.8 but was trolling 2.0 most of the morning. Don't have any info on temp, forgot batteries for the probe and display was kind of touchy in the cold. Trolled back to the sliders again without a bump in 20 - 30 fow before pulling lines.
  9. MH rod should do fine for planer boards, but as far as I'm concerned the way to go for planer boards is the Okuma Classic Pro GLT Copper/Leadcore rod.
  10. Should be ok. I think the XL is more for casting, Big Game may have better abrasion resistance. I don't think the difference is enough to be worthwhile respooling until next year.
  11. Lakeshore in Saugatuck also usually pretty well stocked.
  12. . You must be within radio frequencies, there will be a roll call at 5:50 and another at 11:30. if you do not answer at 11:30 you will be disqualified. If another boat can hear you and confirm it is you that is good. What if you box out at 10:00? Or need to go in early for some other reason but still have fish to weigh? Perhaps if you notify control you are leaving the lake you would not need to answer the 11:30 roll call. He he...box out at 10...I must be dreaming.
  13. Yacht Basin does have in and out service. I looked into it when I had my Lund but never pulled the trigger. Main problem for me was that I like to go out early AM. I'd have needed to have them get the boat out the night before which is okay unless the weather is dicey.
  14. Unfortunately, April roughly. First episode was Dec 31, I believe 13 episodes total, puts the last one on March 24. They're not running online until the entire season has aired first. If you have Dish and DVR, you can view it at your leisure. Otherwise, your stuck accessing Pursuit channel somehow at 4:00 PM on a Thursday afternoon. If you have to work at that time your out of luck. Unless your boss needs a fix worse than you do.
  15. 25 vs 20 lb mono is a trade off. If the bite on your riggers is slow, you may be better off with 17 or even 12 lb mono. Smaller diameters pick up more fleas though fleas aren't as bad now as they were in the past. That being said I pretty much stick with 20 Flea Flicker (no longer made). Blood Run does make a Flea Free line, though I haven't tried it yet. Head starting to spin yet? Keep it simple and throw on some 20 lb Big Game.
  16. I'll second the Okuma Classic Pro GLT for copper and lead core. Can't say I've found a perfect reel for anything yet but haven't shelled out for Shimano's either. I haven't run any wire dipseys, but I have used the Heartland rods for braid dipseys and have no complaints. Best rod I've found for the braid dipsey is the old Daiwa Linear Interline but they aren't made anymore.
  17. Don't know the one about the ring binder, but this may help.......... http://bloodruntackle.com/pro-tips/inline-planer-board-modifications-and-tips/
  18. Anyone go to the meeting at Boatworks tonight and have the lowdown on what went on they'd like to share?
  19. Same reason I'd become a vegetarian.......that's all there is to eat.
  20. Only had one bat on my boat that was more than enough. Not afraid of the bats so much as the rabies they can carry.
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