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  1. That's what I figured the flie bite been slow but wanted to run a paddle so we dropped it below are spoons.
  2. Sounds like fishing. But figured today was a good day to try it. With only 6 rod down figured couldn't hurt the spread getting an extra attractor just below the lures.
  3. No way for it to release and would count against your line total. Different flasher but that is how we ran it this morning.
  4. We tried something new today. Added a 11" paddle straight to the back of the downrigger ball by itself. Not sure if it helped any. But we did pull 3 fish off the riggers once we added the paddle.
  5. Beautiful night on the Big lake. Started out fast than slowed right down. 3-6. Laker came on the first rod in the water. Maybe 5 minutes into the trip. 80fow. Worked out to 106 when the bigger king hit. Missed a couple fish. Last two hits cam on a double at 100 foot at about 10:45pm. Landed small king and lost a laker. Meat rig on a dippsy and riggers went tonight. Nothing came off of coppers.
  6. We mostly worked 118-125. 4-6. Broke off a nice fish on 200 copper HOLO frozen. Took one King on a 300 copper blue whale. Lost a big laker on a rigger white spin doctor and a homemade blue UV fly deep rigger. Other 3 fish came on blue spoons of the riggers. Set at 63 down and 2 came on the fixed slider 33 down. Took a friends 8 year old out put him on his first 2 silver fish. And tried to get him on the laker. He fought it for a while without gaining anything.
  7. Setup in 100 foot. Took first small king in 110. Than went 3-6 in 120-125FOW. Blue spoons took 5-7 Hits. Blue whale on a 300 went 3 times. Nitro blue dolphin once on a 225. Modified halo blue dolphin took heck of a rip and came off as the broad came to the surface.
  8. Worked 40-50 first hr tonight. Marked bait and fish no takers minus huge sheaphead. Turned west. Marked alot of fish with only one laker on a 200 copper.
  9. We were out by port sheldon yesterday radio was quite very few boats out. 2-5 270-280FOW.
  10. Radio been quite except on fridays it seems. But 68 and 72 are still the channels. Friday morning we were getting radio chat in Holland south to south haven and north to Grand haven.
  11. Got a report from Port sheldon tonight Salmon were between 150-175 foot of water.
  12. 1-4 out of Holland 5-29. Hard short strikes than nothing.
  13. Went 5-6 soho June 1. 3 kings 2 Lakers. 85-115 FOW
  14. That Blue whale spoon use to be my favorite. Thanks for the report.
  15. I'm unsure if everyone is aware of this fact, but they now have "activatable" foghorn lights on most of the lighthouses in West Michigan. Very helpful for running in conditions of poor visibility and low light. To trigger the light go to VHF channel 79A and hit your microphone button 5 time Thanks learn something new today.
  16. yes that is with the water wolf 4 ft leader on a 210 copper with a JP Slammer spoon
  17. https://photos.app.goo.gl/pdcfmnCV57XjHNF17 https://photos.app.goo.gl/XwhogHHkK7M8zEWT8 First one is us hooking and landing a laker. 2nd one nice size fish wanting to hit it.
  18. Agree for the money on a fun fishing boat cant beat It.
  19. Nice. Thanks for the video. So far just Lakers for us out of Holland.
  20. Weather keeping the boat in storage longer than most years. Normally out 2nd week of March. Fishing by first of April this year probably be 2nd week of April. Start out on the beach and work your way out.
  21. Wouldn't be a bad spot to try. Coho and small kings be about 200 foot to 300 foot. Steelhead could be anywhere from 200plus to 30 foot just depends when there ready to hit the river. Browns should be inside to if you can find them.
  22. Not sure if it's to late just seen this post. Biggest complaints of plastic would be balloons. I think in total we landed 6 balloons on are line this season with others that missed the line. As stated above we also fish out of Holland mi. And this was a very bad fall. We never got one salmon inside a 100 foot of water.
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