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  1. I will be working in the Grayling area next 2 weekends mon- Friday. Instead of traveling home looking to jump on someone’s boat to do some fishing on Saturday and Sunday’s. Willing to travel anywhere on the Michigan coast. Sold my boat last year due to starting a new job. I’ve fished kings in Lake Ontario and Lake Michigan religiously for the last 10 years. My spread I would fish on my boat included, pair of wire divers, pair of braids, 2 riggers, and 6 copper/lead long lines. I’m a clean, well organized person that has no problem taking orders and being respectful to the captain. I can net and run the back of the boat with ease. Have lots of flashers (salmon candy &pro king) flys meat rigs/meat, and spoons I could bring along. I always pitch in for gas, and am always on time. I included some pics of my boats catches the last couple years. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  2. That sounds good. Shoot me a text 9206640303 so we can set up a time and place
  3. Asking 60$ , paid 79.99 last week from fish USA. Decided to go a different route. Never opened. Will be in the Muskegon/grand haven are Saturday through Monday. Would prefer to meet. PayPal or COD. Would consider trade for quality salmon gear.
  4. Thanks everyone. I wouldn’t of been able to get on them if it wasn’t for all the great reports on this site. Lreigler- i wouldn’t question your setup. Steady 15mph north blow Sunday might of made all the difference.
  5. Swr- 1-3 colors of lead on downrigger rods. I was using one color.
  6. Had an epic day out of holland yesterday morning! 22-40? 15 Kings, Released seven coho. Set up in 90 at 6am on a westerly troll to deeper water, as soon as the first rod hit water they started going. It took 2 hours to finally get all of our 9 rod spread down. Worked 90-105 all morning. Riggers were on fire all day. JJ Mac muffin Rv on swr down 60 went atleast a dozen times, FF on other rigger 12 back from ball down 70-80 went atleast that many times also. Had 4 rigger doubles with mature fish. The 300’ s with bloody nose rv & Craig’s flounder Rv were steady also. Braid divers with spin doctors and atomik flys back 80-120 on setting 3-1/2 held their own also. The bigger fish all come 60-80 down. Pulled all my shorter coppers to keep the smalls off. Best speed at the probe was 2.2-2.5. Best water temp at probe 42-43. Top temp was 47. Moonshines spoons were the star of the show!
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