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  1. I know a lot of people including myself run big game 20. I've never had it let me down.
  2. That was a sweet video! I watched one with a guy having 2 sails or marlins on at the same time. Can't remember which. It was insane! Now I have 2 toys that I cannot pay with. Come on spring!
  3. It is a wilderness ride 115. 11' 6". Wide and stable enough to stand up in. You will see it in sanilac fishing silver for sure but may fish for convicts as well.
  4. You lake huron guys will prob see paddling my buns off this summer.
  5. Cant wait to fish saltwater in 3 weeks! Glad you got into some feesh!
  6. I dont think we are going to see open water for a good long time on lake huron. My wilderness ride 115 comes friday. Your posts are getting to me....lol Looks like you guys have it made it over. Nice job on fish.
  7. I need to install 858 hummingbird in dash. I'm sure there is plenty more to do. MIght replace the marine radio. Bill, Boat looks awesome. Good luck finishing it up by spring.
  8. I loved the layout and looks of the prolines but after hearing about all the quality type issues I steered away.
  9. Haven't seen open water in a long time...jealous! Nice job on the browns. What's the biggest fish you have caught out of yak? Is it the king in the avatar?
  10. Traxtech was at the show in Birch Run the last few years. I talked to one of the reps last year about their products. I've had both berts and traxtechs stuff and they are both awesome. If it were me I would drive to northwoods in Pinconning and buy everything you need there. I bet you would spend 30% less if you buy there. They have a ton of berts and cannon stuff.
  11. How do I know if I have power assist? Is it basically the same as a car having power steering (pulley,pump, reservoir)?
  12. Will the spx-5r work with the steering on my 1999 22ft. Trophy? I think it is rack and pinion and has the 4.3 i/o. My girlfriend loses focus every now and again, which causes some friction!! Thanks!
  13. I am really jealous! Would love to see some closeups of your yak. I am going to be picking up a perception pescador angler real soon, which is the exact same hull as your tarpon 120. Just want to see how yours is rigged.
  14. I dont think i lost a thing last year, besides fish.
  15. Just tighten the screw on the diver if you get false releases.
  16. Welcome! Thanks for sharing your story! Hopefully it will remind people that safety should be the first priority. It is really easy to think those things will not happen to us.
  17. Dont hear of too many going out of caseville. Port sanilac has no real hazards. Port austin got dredged halfway recently i believe. Gotta pay attn in port austin.
  18. Don't forget about Port Sanilac:). Great place to get a nice mix in the cooler. There have been days where we have caught lakers, kings, steelies, coho, and walleye. Lake Huron doesn't relinquish her beauties easily though, you will most likely have to work hard for the fish you catch. Port Austin can be tricky to navigate(inside and outside)harbor.
  19. I just checked out the dive bombs and I think that is the answer. 225 copper with or without a dive bomb would be like having to 2 setups. Unless my ex-wife decides to buy some gear I will have to be pick away slowly...
  20. My extra diver only has a convector 30 on it like the rest of my braids. That would have been an easy way to get a 32# copper into the mix though. I misspoke about my leadcore setup, it is an 8 color.
  21. I already run the 7 color on an offshore board and have a few more boards that I could use for the copper. I fish southern lake huron, mainly Port Sanilac in the late spring and throughout summer up until mid October. Depths fished are up to 130 fow. I normally only fish with 1 or 2 other people on board. Would a 32# 300 copper work well with a 45 convector? At this time I am only interested in running 8 rods. 8 will keep me plenty busy. Thanks
  22. I fish Lake Huron. My current rods: 4 braid divers 1 wire diver (1) 7 color leadcore 2 downriggers I normally run 3 braid and 1 wire diver 2 downriggers with free sliders 1 leadcore if the lake is calm. Downriggers seem to rule on my boat, so I was thinking 300 copper down the shoot. This is going to be my 3rd year running my own boat on big water, you guys know better than me.
  23. I just bought a 858. Can't wait to get it hooked and try it out. Got it for under 600 and couldn't pass it up. Sometimes i think we put too much thought into stuff and our brains get overloaded. Lots of good choices out there. Read reviews and make a choice. Dont overthink because you will go insane.
  24. I upgraded my old hummingbird this fall with a an 857 h-bird. When I was researching units I steered away from the dragonfly after reading all the reviews that I could find online.
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