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  1. Didn't I read somewhere that one of those harbors were recently dredged. How is Caseville launch and water hazards?
  2. Thanks Frank and Brandon... Looking back at some old posts I think you're right about getting a mixed catch. The wife and I spent a weekend in Port Austin (love that town) and checked out all the launches from Austin to Lexington. Seems like the ports near the tip have many shallows and rocks which is a bit nerving. Port Hope looked really shallow, not like the deeper water on Michigan and Ontario.
  3. I have fished all the great lakes except Huron for salmon and getting a chance for a week in mid July. We are staying near Port Hope but I plan on putting in at either Caseville, Port Austin or Harbor beach. Looking for some starting tips on fishing the area, hazards, best rigs, Copper, dipseys, etc. I usually fish for salmon in Lake Ontario or Michigan but want to try the thumb for a change. Any help appreciated..
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