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  1. I will take the new 209 for $25. pm me on how to get you the money.
  2. I just bought more of my favorite Lake Huron spoon today. I bought enough to try out a spread with just this spoon. I am anxious to see what happens.
  3. I hope there are people like you around when I need a hand.
  4. Good job! Maybe we can hook up this summer and chase fish around port sanilac. Im often looking for guys to fish with during the week.
  5. 16 footer should be good for low wind days, but it could get hairy if the wind kicks up...bay gets nasty in a hurry.
  6. Best bet is Augres. There is a campground right on Augres river that leads to bay. Walleye move up there later in summer to find cooler water temps.
  7. I use the offshore or18's (I think). they are black and have a flipper lock dealy so they stay put. Doesn't matter if using braid or mono.
  8. I have pulled flasher/fly combos, meat rigs, and plugs. For me anyway...spoons rule Southern Lake Huron. I am also going to play around with divebombs on my leadcores to fill the gaps in depth. I usually only fish with one or two other people so I don't always even run boards. Most of the time it is 2 riggers, 3 braid divers, and 1 wire diver. All shallow water fish for me this year came on spoons, except for a smallmouth caught in harbor beach from kayak. It came on a reef runner.
  9. For me my riggers take atleast 75% of the fish. My divers are dead some days and pick up fish others. Just started running boards last year with leadcore so I don't really have a ton to go on there. I like to fish riggers and divers a little deeper than others and it seems I pick up a few less fish, but bigger fish. Disclaimer: This is only my 4th year running my own boat out there so...not an expert for sure.
  10. I normally will start at about 75 fow. If nothing is is popping there I work my way out. Once your finder lights up with bait you have arrived at your destination. With a small boat your only option is a west wind unless it is a really light wind from other directions.
  11. I'm glad the shallow bite is almost over. I am setup for more of an offshore program and enjoy that more.
  12. I think the real shallow bite is done for Lexington and port Sanilac. Most guys with good catches in Port Sanilac yesterday finished 30 plus. I fished Harbor Beach on Saturday with my kayak and caught a nice coho, a smallmouth, and lost a big fish in 28 feet of water.
  13. Pinks are everywhere out there right now. When you pull them from water you can see the spots on their back and tail and they have a pink tint to their sides. It is tough to tell the diff because they lose scales just like cohos.
  14. We caught a bunch of those little pinks on Sunday outta Port Sanilac. We drug a few around for a while. Lost a nice fish and caught a 10 pound laker as well. All the Pinkie Tuscaderos came on orange crush and the laker came on a yellow tail. Fish we lost hit a glow wonderbread. Great job getting your first Lexington fish!
  15. I have called them and they have a ton of people who work in that massive place. They are always willing to answer calls and questions.
  16. I fished Port Sanilac last Sunday both hits came on walker dipsys (107's) in around 30 feet of water. One dipsy on 3 and the other on 1. 50 feet of line out with 8 foot leaders. The first was definitely a king that was gonna spool me. I tried to slow him down a bit and it pulled the hook. Second was a 10 lb laker. Was using my main motor.
  17. I don't even mess with that disaster of a webite, I just drive the 50 miles there.
  18. They do but the prices in store are normally better. http://northwoodsoutlet.net/
  19. I would check Northwoods in Pinconning. I know they have them there but cannot remember the price. You cannot beat their prices.
  20. I have an old cannon duro motor from an old Mag 10. The motor housing broke and is no longer available so the motor is no good to me. Let me know if you are looking for one. Thanks Brandon
  21. Some of the best memories on my boat are of newbies trying to pry pig lakers off the bottom. Not easy
  22. Hopefully you found those big fish today!
  23. I have installed 3 fish finders in the last few years. They are really easy to install. Only 3 or maybe 4 wires to run and hookup. One from gps receiver if it has external gps, one to tranducer, and one to power source. The hardest part is routing wires and removing old unit. It is not as difficult as most think. And trust me I am not the best when it comes to electronics.
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