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  1. Ryan, You are a boat hound. I really like a lot of the boats you showed. I am heading downstate on wednesday morning to check out a 22 foot trophy that has a 4.3 in it. It looks super clean. It is a one owner, but electronics are a little dated. But, it is well under my max so I can fix that. Brandon
  2. Awesome boats for sure. But this divorced dad cannot spend that kind of coin. My max is like 20k. One striper I like has a efi 305 in/out. Any have a efi 305 and what are your thoughts? Thanks
  3. I have searched craigslist very thoroughly. I called on few today. A lot if nice stripers have the evinrude ficht motors pre bombardier...and that's not a motor for me. Thanks guys and keep boats coming.
  4. I sold my 2003 19 foot monark after only 1 day on craigslist. I am looking for a 2001+ 21-25 ft. walk around fiberglass boat. I prefer an outboard. I would also like it rigged for salmon fishing as I sold my riggers, holders, and humminbird ff/gps with monark. Looking for trophies, stripers, prolines, etc. Must be in excellent all around shape. I don't like beaters. If you see something let me know. Hoping to buy by Aug 21st as we have a camping/fishing trip booked for Harrisville. Thanks, Brandon
  5. looks like northport nailer dolphin glow. I saw it on there website..so doesn't look discontinued.
  6. Beautiful day on the water! Nice job on the fish. Too bad the fish didn't cooperate for us. We couldn't get it going at all. We caught a little steelhead (released) and that was it! Fished 20-60 ft.
  7. I am happy with whatever bites the spoon. I don't always eat fish, but when I do it's a big tuna steak:)
  8. Going fishing out of ft. Lauderdale wednesday. Hope to hook up with a few sailfish. Thanks for the video, it got me even more excited!
  9. Those Igloo Yukon Coolers look bad @$$. I saw advertising for them on a fishing show. The brutes and the Yukons are made in the USA. Too bad I can't afford anything but a Coleman Extreme...
  10. Out of the 20 or so trips this summer to Pt. Sanilac we only caught one Brown. It was a really slow day so we decided to go deeper than normal. Ended up catching it in 130 ft. We ended up losing another fish right after, but never saw it. I would like to know if there is a secret as well.
  11. I had the county plow on my polaris x2. It was a great plow and moved some serious snow. Now, I shovel due to a divorce..lol
  12. I like my humminbird and they have great customer service. Sent mine in for service in the middle of summer and got it back in 10 days. Try that with other brands:)
  13. I too changed the routines on my boat after reading this article in July. I always show newcomers how to use the radio and where life saving equiptment is located. You just never know when they will be needed. There are too many things that could happen.
  14. Real sorry to hear about your buddy!
  15. Iron, Hopefully the tank project goes smoothly i went over to port sanilac today and it was super slow. Got 2 big walters and a 15 lb hog laker. Didnt sound good on the radio.
  16. I love watching the strike videos. It is great seeing what goes on down there.
  17. Enjoyed watching it. Is it just lakers that hang out at the rock?
  18. I wonder sometimes if the fish are just staying with the bait to keep tabs on them rather than actively feeding.
  19. We went 5-10 on Saturday. We had a double that tangled lines something nasty. The bite was done when we got it together. Meat rigs and moonshines did well saturday. Went 1-6 on sun morning. The fish turn off quick in petoskey. Not a place where u can pick up fish when bite is done. Good job on the fish!
  20. Ended up fishing out of petoskey and it was an experience. Went 6-16 Early morning and evening were only time they would bite. Meat rigs, spoons, and flies flashers did ok. We lost a few spoons and flasher flies and meat rigs on bite offs. Dipsys got hit a lot but very few fish landed off them. 4 kings were 10 lbs and 1 was 14. Also threw back a laker. thanks for the help.
  21. Your best bet is to check the dnr fishing report for those 2 places.
  22. Thanks for the info. Looks like a trip to bait shop is in order!
  23. I catch 80% of fish on my riggers. I use braid divers with flourocarbon leaders around 8 ft. long. I have 2 diver rods setup exactly the same with the exception of the diver color and braid color. One of them has not had a rip all year. The one that gets hit has green braid and chrome walker dipsy and the other turd has black braid and had a pink diver that I switched to a white diver. I think the turd rod just has some bad joojoo.
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