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  1. Going to put some more time and effort with the Weight Steel the next couple of months. Last year I had one rod setup with a 200-feet Weighted Steel and it was very productive. Sometimes it was the only things that would fire on the boat. So, I have a few questions. First question is does everyone agree that the obtainable depths using copper can be obtained using the weighted steel assuming you are using the 19 stranded wire with the Weighted Steel? Second question does anyone have a chart for the copper depths base on length? I understand this is just a baseline as boat speed and what lure (flasher/Fly or spoon) is connected will make a big difference. Looking for the following depths for these copper lengths: 50, 100, 200 and 400 feet of copper. If someone has a depth chart for Weighted Steel that would be very helpful and save me a lot of time trying to figure this out. Thank you for your time. Fishbowl836
  2. WTB an old-style Big Jon Electric Down-rigger - Trying to make the jump from manual down-riggers to an electric down-rigger. Looking for small low-profile rigger like a Big Jon. Going to start with one for now as am not sure about my charging systems from my motor. Don’t mind if it is the old-style low torque motor. Just the fact of having an electric unit and not getting a sore arm during the summer will be a plus. Thank you.
  3. I am looking for everyone’s input/feedback on the best in-line charger for my boat. What charger would you recommend and what were the pros and cons’ including everything from cost, installation, speed of charge, and most of all is it still working today. Unit will need to be a two bank charger and will be installed in the front of the boat therefore I will need to run extensions to the starting battery in the back of the boat. Other question is, does the unit get hot and do they need ventilation? My plan is to install the unit in a cabinet area next to the deep cycle battery and then plug it in every night when I come back home and then unplug and go the next morning. Also can you recommend the best place to purchase the unit? In advance, thank you for your time. Is spring coming?:
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