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  1. Here are the pics of the rail mounted trax. You could do pull ups on them, they are not going anywhere. His boat is a triton.
  2. A set of used burts gimbal mounts just went up on mich sportsman website
  3. I will get over to my buddy's house tonight and take a few pics. His setup is from traxtech. He lives right down the road, so it'll give me a reason to bs with him.
  4. My buddy runs big jons on his rail mounted tracks and they are rock solid.
  5. My buddy has a triton and has his tracks mounted on the rails. Looks like that would be a good option for you.
  6. 3 colors of leadcore with an orange crush spoons is my best for steelies.
  7. I fish lake huron and more fish come on on my 2 riggers than my 3 braid dipsies and wire dipsy. I've started to run leadcore more and that has been the best producer of the three.
  8. I just switched to the scotty power grips. I am now able to load the rods without slipping or releasing.
  9. Frank, Jim is one of my fishing buddies and is a great guy. He sure thinks highly of you. Good job on the fish!
  10. Robert, Sounds like you are getting the hang of it. Nice work!!
  11. Frank, I drove by your stable on the way to Harrisville today. Tomorrow is my 6 and 8 year old girls first big water trip. Hope Harrisville gives up a few of her treasures. I love it here!
  12. I bought a penn 209 from Chick and he sent it quickly and was brand new like he said.
  13. I fished port austin yesterday. 5 nice eyes in 30-35 feet of water in front of harbor. Also caught 3 smallmouths. It was quite rough all day. Spoons, meat, and big reef runners caught fish. Did not hear much about lakers and silver.
  14. Always critics around. Take it in stride. The guy now has high blood pressure to deal with today for not minding his own p's and q's. Great job on the fish!
  15. Those sharks look great. Not sure if the facets do what they say, but their spiel sounds good:)
  16. The harbor area was great. Did not see less than 10 foot in harbor.
  17. Walleye fished port austin around lighthouse and flat rock reef. Guys coming in said it was real slow. Most only had 0-2 lakers...no steel or salmon.
  18. I used oak. It is strong as heck and can withstand many years of weather abuse.
  19. I used to love bonking fish too! I remember catching a huge cat outta harrisville and beating him as he was being wild. He dwarfed the big kings in the cooler.
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