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  1. I would either run the Mercury with the bigfoot prop or the yamaha.
  2. My buddy and I were just taking about how good these batteries are today. They are the ones I buy when others take a dump!
  3. From One Brandon to another, welcome! Good to see you over here!
  4. Name: Brandon Reno age: 34 years old (look 18- feel 34) Residence: Clio, MI Area(s) most fished: Have a place on Houghton Lake, do a lot of fishing on Sag. Bay Experience: 25+ years fishing, very little for trout and salmon Boat Size: 16.5 Lund Angler SS with 90 Horse Mercury and 4 horse kicker Boat Name: sslopok I am just getting into salmon/trout fishing. My cousin had a boat when I was younger and we use to camp and fish out of Harrisville. I had a great time catching and fishing for salmon and lake trout. Just bought downriggers and I am currently riggin my boat for the big water. Can't wait to fill the live well being the captain! Love walleye fishing but always looking for a new challenge. I am a teacher so I have the perfect job to get out on the water. Hope to meet some of you guys/girls on the dock. sslopok
  5. Joe, Is the boat's idle problem going to be fixed when you sell it? I have been kickin around selling my Lund. What's the shallowest this boat can get around? Have a place on houghton lake and it is quite shallow by the house(like knee deep). Thanks, Brandon
  6. Thanks guys. Ya, I wondered over from the other site. There is a lot of nonsense going on over there right now. I have been reading through this site and I am sure I am going to love it. I haven't seen anything negative. Nick, I just finished reading the book the other day! It was an easy read with tons of good knowledge. I took a bunch of notes with my blackberry and even took pictures with my phone of some of the pages:) I really appreciate you letting me read it. It will be back to you asap. Just need to take it to work and make some copies of the best lures and such. Thanks gain guys! Brandon
  7. I stumbled upon this site and thought I would sign up. Looks like a place where I could learn alot. I am a 34 year old teacher from Clio. Took today off because my daughter is sick. Usually do most of my fishing on the Sag Bay and Houghton Lake (have a place on the east bay). I recently decided to try my hand at big water trout and salmon. This will be my first year. I have a 16.5 foot Lund with a 90 horse Mercury and 4 horse kicker. Last night I mounted some Bert tracks for my 2 Walker manual riggers and 2 dipsy diver rods. What a nightmare that was. I used 3/4 inch oak trim as the backer and it was not easy to get all the washers and nuts on with the lack of room inside the gunnels. A few hours later the mission was accomplished. I most likely will be launching out of ports like Port Sanilac, Grindstone, harbor Beach, etc. Just hoping I can get my hands on a few fish this year. Thanks for having me, Brandon aka sslopok
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