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  1. My girlfriend is going to order me a coastal for x-mas that I am going to rig up to mount on my bimini/enclosure. Find out soon enough how they work and hold up. I'm not paying Rigid type prices for lighting that I don't use that often.
  2. Nice yak! What wilderness model is that and how long?
  3. You'll really like this forum. There are a great group of guys here. I think I am going to start fishing the great lakes next year. There are times I don't have a crew or don't wanna haul around my trophy. Do u happen to have a pic of your setup? Anyhow, welcome!
  4. Nice Buck! It is nice to not have to drive a few hours to hunt! I hunt 5 minutes from home.
  5. I ended up buying a humminbird 858c new from ebay for $660. Cannot wait to get rid of the old 1999 bird that came on boat! Thanks for help!
  6. Kevin, I did the same thing and added about 2 gallons of antifreeze into the large hose until antifreeze came out of the the thermostat housing. Could I just undo the drain plugs on the block and manifolds and see if it comes out straight antifreeze? Would it matter that when I added antifreeze that the drive was in trailer position? I definitely don't want issues in the spring.
  7. So I need to put the muffs on and warm up the motor and then do the antifreeze thing again? Sounds like I may have wasted money nd have to go buy more antifreeze. I finished the lower unit gear oil change after work. Brandon
  8. Larry, I did notice that the starboard manifolf had some crud packed in. I am not sure what you mean by backflushing. If I dumped 2 gallons into block via lower cooling hose and let it run out the thermostat housing, and 1/2 gallon into each manifold hose, wouldn't that mix enough with left over water to prevent any cracking? Thanks?
  9. I am going to change the oil in the spring when I get her back out. I didn't realize how much gear lube i/o lower units took. I had to go grab more and have to finish filling it up tomorrow. Thanks Frank!
  10. I decided to winterize my trophy by myself instead of paying 150 bux. Just wanted to make sure I covered everything. It has the 4.3 motor. 1. I took out the 2 plugs on the block and 2 plugs on the exhaust manifolds and let all the water drain. 2. I then put the drain plugs back in. 3. I then took the manifold hoses off the thermostat housing and poured 1/2 gallon of rv antifreeze in each. 4. Then I took main hose off the thermostat housing and poured in antifreeze until the antifreeze started coming out of the housing. 5. I poured some anitfreeze into the bilge and ran pump. The ethanol free fuel has already had seafoam added to it prior t last trip out. Do I need to replace the fuel filter/water seperator before winter, or should I just replace it in spring? I am also going to replace the lower unit gear oil after the lions' game. I read online that antifreeze should have been coming out of lower unit but none came out. Let me know if I missed anything. Thanks
  11. This site is unlike others....as in no drama. Not sure how a guy playing a joke is ruffling feathers. Sure don't want this site to be like the other mich site. Keep giving reports guys, i trust them.
  12. Lost my net last night on way home from Port Sanilac. Either somehow blew out on 46 or someone decided they wanted it when we stopped for grub at port san. pub.
  13. That's all i needed to know. Gonna order it in the next few days
  14. Looks like I am going to order a Lowrance elite 7. Do I need the HDI version or is the broadband version sufficient for great lakes? Have no issues with ponying up more cash if the hdi ready unit is worth it. Thanks!
  15. The Trophy I just bought has an old humminbird ns 25 on it. It shuts off or locks up everytime out. I need to get a new one quick. The last 2 boats I had I put humminbird units on and both of them had issues. They had great customer service though. The three units I am looking at are the Lowrance elite 7, Raymarine Dragonfly, and Garmin echomap 50s. I fish lake huron mostly. I want to be able to flush mount it. My boat budget will allow up to $700. What do you guys think?
  16. My new boat came with cannon unitroll manual downriggers with telescopic booms. I want to upgrade to mag 10s electrics. The ones i am looking at don't have telescopic booms. Can i put my unitroll telescopic booms on mag 10s? I dont even want cannons but the boat had them and the big ole 5x5 mounting holes are tough to cover.:/
  17. If you are on a budget get a coleman extreme. I saw the big ones for 70 at wally world. I have one and it works well and keeps ice for 4 days or so. It also has spots for bungees.
  18. Good luck! I bought mine from fishingand hunting usa. I bet he will make it right. I always go to retailer first because it can be handled much quicker.
  19. Here is the new Boat Don't know how to make it larger.
  20. I ended up buying a 1999 22 ft Trophy walk around. It looks clean enough to be a 2013 boat. It has a 4.3 ib/ob. It was def taken well care of and was pole barn kept. I have a little riggin to do but not much. My 5 and 7 year old girls are going to be stoked to be able to fish with dad. I will be bringing it home from Jackson on Fri. Thanks for keeping your eyes open for me. Brandon
  21. Ryan, thanks for the offer. I will let you know. I am heading down to cedar point thursday morning. I will see if my crew will let me swing over to look at the hydra sports on way back friday. Pt. Clinton looks pretty close to cedar point.
  22. Mark, I talked to the owner of that striper on saturday. He was supposed to send me more pics but didn't. Was gonna check it out on wednesday since I will be in Jackson anyway, but he said he won't be around. My buddy and I fished the sag bay this morning in his 19 ft center console trophy and that boat took the 4-5 footers easily while fishing. Took a 3 man limit pretty quick. I thought the trophy was built pretty darn solid and fished well.
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