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  1. Thanks for your comments! You nailed it on the head UBDSLO1, "unless you've been there". My two trips have exposed me to what I truly feal is our last frontier, a tremendous resource and seasoned folks who live there. It has also developed a sorrow in me for what is happening. The remoteness is expensive in many ways. Products arrive by plane and barage to extensive remote towns, villages, camps, etc. These products and equipment have great value but once they are no longer useful they are discarded, often "just outside the door". Without value the accumulating electronics, boats, motors, ATV's, trucks, nets, 55 gal drums, snowmobiles, etc. will continue. It is too expensive to fly/ship it out, again zero value. My guide works for a company supplying the north slope oil fields. He said the tundra is littered with 55 gal. drums. There is a strict hands off policy, no one wants to take ownership of what is there as toxic materials must be shipped to WA! It truly saddens my heart, we must all be aware. Happy Memorial Day and may the fish fill your boats!
  2. GJ, another limit by Priority1 and crew. I look forward to getting on the bay soon!
  3. My brother and I just returned from a two week trip. Spent two days fishing out of Homer with Capt. Pete. Caught my first hali's and grey cod. Could not get any of the "feeder" salmon to go, sounded like we were early. We pulled meat rigs like here on Lake Michigan, but only three DR lines. I was looking for the divers and planers, ready to get some more lines in the water. :biggrin: :reeling: Capt. Pete was great at getting us immersed in local culture and history, very enjoyable. That is an amazing harbor, I've never seen so many Hewes Craft boats. The Homer harbor accomodates 900 commercial, charter, and sport fish boats. There is a 25' tide so everything adjusts. We had a visitor in their brand new Bay Weld. We took a tour of Bay Weld while in Homer. They sure build some stud aluminum boats. Then it was off to Chignik Lake for a brown bear hunt. Mother nature was brutal with snow still all the way to shoreline and our transporation water ways frozen. Natives said it was the latest spring in memory. My brother shot a beautiful 8' sow and I got it done the last day with this 9' boar. The 2.5 hour stalk up snow slide and across face was a bit nerve racking for this flatlander. I kept telling myself, "one step at a time." This was my second trip to AK and I can't wait to return again. We had an awesome experience and met many great people.
  4. No. Years ago used to chase browns out of Frankfort in March. First Sat. in April was my first '12 trip, earliest ever for kings.
  5. Fished 6 - 9 AM, 200 - 300 FOW out and south. Forecasted 2' or less was lite, normal solid fishing buddy got a little green around the gills, it was bumpy and cold from east wind. Only ran five rods due to seas and current. What worked; 100' rigger SWR w/spoon went 2 for 3, 350 copper w/spoon went 1 for 2, and 120' rigger w/CJ meat rig took 1 fish. So 4 for 6 all kings, three females, all had empty stomachs. Still 40-41 from top to 100'+. Fish census at dock said slower based on his morning stats. All our fish came between 7 - 8 AM. Last trip for me till memorial day. Fishing out of Homer Alaska next week for two days then brown bear hunting.
  6. I also fished 4/22 and we went 4 for 5 all kings. Chris, I think the traffic at launch will be a cluster when busy. They spent a bunch of money yet made zero improvement for high % of the traffic.
  7. Great job, sounds like a bunch of fun! Makes me want to "go south"!
  8. Nice job! Big smiles just like all fish pictures should be. Appreciate the Au Gres report! Look forward to fishing the bay.
  9. Shakedown outing with multiple reports of kings off shelf. Could not get more than one rod set as we took two nice kings back to back on same green spoon (not into names) Then shortly later took our third and last fish on other rigger with similar bait. 200+ FOW, fish down 100-130'. Did not mark a lot of fish yet we saw several others caught. Probe didn't work.....because I did not put batteries back in! Wash down not washing? Had a rod tip snap off. Working the cobwebs out. Gorgeous morning and great time being back on the water, wish we could have stayed all day! Plan to try again next Sat. weather permitting. And don't forget the meat! :roll:
  10. Very nice rig Tony! You sure have her shining! .
  11. Jay - your boat is a beauty! You sure did it right!
  12. Definately a fishing boat! Looks great.
  13. You did a great job on Getaway, excellent rig! Love the pictures!
  14. I ran BJ Capt. Packs for years. Used when I got them and more used when I sold. I put Big John Brute ES on new boat. Always have had great service/support from this Interlocken Mi company.
  15. Jason, You bet, I look forward to meeting you.
  16. Chummer


    Dan, I had same concern but all has worked out fine. All fish are netted off starboard side. Many Hewes owners do stand out on the platform especially for that "tourney fish". I promised my wife I would never do that, nor would I let anyone else. No fish is worth a potential accident. Thanks for the comments guys!
  17. This next one is actually a gorgeous sunrise as we head for deep water. Last one is taken at Rice Lake Ont.
  18. Chummer


    We love our Hewes Craft 22' Ocean Pro, the "Chummer". Looking forward to spring! 2011 22' OPST 225 Honda 9.9 Honda Suspension Seats Radar Arch/Rocket Launchers TR-1 Auto Pilot Garmin GPSMAP 5212 Garmin GPSMAP 5008 - stern Garmin GSD 22 Garmin 18 HD Radar NMEA Network FishHawk X4 Traxstech System Big John Brute Riggers
  19. Yes, out of Arcadia almost exclusively for several years, 1.8- 2.2.
  20. Congrat's on your new fishing platform Tony! Not much help as I've got TR-1 on kicker, I love it!
  21. A few anxious fisherman are on Mitchell/Cadillac. Ice is very inconsistent and not safe yet.
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