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  1. Made in Manistee MI by Dick Boyajian.
  2. Stay after 'em Jason. You had much better results than I did bow hunting! We finished washing and putting the Chummer to bed for a long winter's nap.
  3. Wife and I are headed for Calumet Marine this afternoon to p/u boat. We'll check out these seas in person on way down, wish I had decent camera with me. I'm not looking forward to the haul back to Cadillac! :no:Good luck if you're bow hunting!
  4. Jeff, The Chummer is a 22' Hewes Craft Ocean Pro extended transom w/225 & 9.9 Hondas. Appreciate your comment.
  5. Late report as I come to grips with the end of my fishing season. Fished Friday PM & Sat. AM out of Arcadia. Spent time both days as far west as 31 line, found 64 degree surface temp. Only took one steelie out there, could not make it happen. The fog both days made in shallow interesting Sat. was my first & only skunk of 2011. I have decided to take it as an omen and call it a year! I know the fall is great fishing but I must prioritize. Many projects have gone undone and hunting season is upon us. 2011 has been the most enjoyable fishing season of my life. Until this year I've never kept a log. I kept a weak one this year. I do not measure success by numbers of fish caught. It is all about quality time on the water. The fun times with family and friends is what has made this season special, some fish are a bonus as it adds to the "fun" and pleases the taste buds! New acquaintances made which will now be long time fishing buds/contacts has been another blessing to my year. 2011 Catch: Steelhead - 4 Lakers - 5 Coho - 10 Kings - 44 (canned 40+ pints & smoked bunches) Walleye - 60 Panfish - 860 (yes, the freezer is full) Until the Chummer slices through the water again. The best to you all!
  6. Platte Bay. Depending on your rig, Frankfort or Platte River launch.
  7. Matt - I had a brand new meat head on 50# cleanly bite off first time in water. I was surprised to see it. None since.
  8. Very nice fish. Take your dad with you every chance you get!
  9. Brother In Law here from WI, plans made for Sat. AM. At 3 AM radar showed large cell sitting on us but moving E - NE w/ one small cell trailing just off shore, raining & lightning at my house. We make the call and leave with it raining hard. No rain and clearing skies to south when we arrive in Arcadia. Trailing cell visable just to north. All of this to tell you I finally got a weather break that went my way. Went 4 for 4 all on meat. Chrome 12" w/ three fly King Kryptonite has found a home on port rigger, down 60 this trip. Early bite for us in 80-100 FOW, two fish on braid diver back 150 w/reg. ring. Poor angle, but that top fish was a hog. Boat traffic lighter and I believe all catching fish, two other four counts at launch. No hits after 7:30 AM.
  10. Good job Luke, way to stay on 'em. Enjoying talking with ya.
  11. Fished out of Eagle Bay/Standish. We set up on west side of channel trolling east. We found a pod of active fish in 30-33 FOW on east side with only a few boats in area and things happened fast. 1.5 oz BB 60' back on boards and 3 oz off corners @ 1.8. Pinks, purples, fire tiger, and good ole "red, white, blue", were keeping us busy. Stayed on our marks and had our limit by noon. It was getting real hot, wind died and bugs were more evident. We've had a blast fishing the Bay this year! Great fun, memories, and some mighty fine eating!
  12. Pink & White have been real good for us. Nice job Luke.
  13. Contributed a pair of reading glasses last Saturday. Enjoy your posts Luke!
  14. Launched out of Eagle Bay after their tournament fisherman were out. Set up in 15 FOW w/10 rod spread, 1.5 oz BB 30 -50, 1.5-1.7, headed for deeper water. Small eyes, catfish, sheep, and a small steelhead until 25 FOW. Fished 25-28 FOW to finish with eight walleye, steely, perch, and lots more for the future. Should have expected it, we lost a few nice fish. Pink/white still, firetiger, more pinks. The wind laid down, fishing slowed, bugs got worse and my crew said "enough". Go figure! Several tournament boats said they had 2-4 fish and that 19# won it. We had a great time!
  15. You had some great catching! Good job Luke and team.
  16. My wife & I fished out of Eagle Bay Marina Friday PM & Saturday AM. Our good friend and his son joined us Friday PM. Of course the seas were larger than predicted, which seems to be the norm. We boated 11 walleyes, heading in early enough for them to make 2 hr. drive home and for us to clean fish, get some dinner and sleep. The sun shined down on us Sat. AM as we punched our limit including this 28†that Deb caught! We were high fiving after getting this one on board! We got our fish in 12-20 FOW on BB & meat, pink & purple were hot colors. Needed both drift bags to keep speed at 1.5 – 1.7 fishing with the seas. Never hit a really hot spot, just kept picking away at them. What fun we had!!
  17. Fished SE of Eagle Bay Marina, took three man limit 8-12 AM. Fished 16-20 FOW w/ 2oz BB & meat. Purple, Pink, Red, White, Blue 20-50 back @ 1.5. Five undersized eyes & one sheep. Caught a couple fish over 22â€. Two passes with the building waves. Very enjoyable morning!
  18. The best to you Frank with your surgery. Those eyes will get a break! Take Care!
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