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  1. Thank You. Bob Kietzman aka GETAWAY out of Bay City built the arch. Yes it does fold back if needed. Bob is a great guy and his work is spot on!
  2. Matt, Nice looking Lund you have. We actually went with a soft top on our Hewes. It was more versatile for what we do and enjoy. Plan to take some excursions where fishing will not be the priority. I can hardly get that out of my mouth!
  3. I've owned two 20' Sea Nymph Great Lakes Specials both with 90's, 15 kickers, etc. that seen plenty of waters. Started looking early 2010 for a new fishing/boating platform. Always thought I wanted a Lund but they did not make the boat I wanted. Was getting serious on a Starcraft when I first saw a Hewes. Then I really drank the cool aid, I got on board a Hewes. Couple more test rides and reseach, we ordered our 22 Ocean Pro. If your dad is a Grady man, then he'll appreciate a Hewes Ocean Pro when it comes to heavy gage welded aluminum. Please feel free to contact me if you ever want to experience a Hewes.
  4. Mike - my condolences on your wife's passing. ASAP. Our new Hewes 22' OP is at Calumet Marine, rigged and waiting for weather to break. First couple trips will be right from there to get some Coho blood on it!
  5. In front of Bay Harbor resort is a local favorite. Years ago we also fished out from the nice homes on HS side of bay.
  6. Fantastic Frank! Coming over Sat. AM to have a go at 'em.
  7. Birds while using shrimp for sea trout in Florida. They dive and get shrimp before it sinks.
  8. Frank, It was a pleasure to meet and fish with you! It was a special Father's Day spending time aboard Priority 1 putting the hurt on some fish. Enjoyed Tom & Mike's company, thanks guys! Great weather, great people, fantastic fishing, and fillets awaiting my Father's Day dinner. Just don't git any better! Thanks Frank!
  9. I look forward to reading your reports Frank. It will drive me to get back over to Au Gres. Just take it slow and easy on the ankle as them walleyes will have no idea what hit 'em.
  10. Thanks for the welcomes. Fished Wed PM pulling F18's in 10 -18 FOW. Five fish, one in 15 FOW, rest in 10-12 FOW. Fire Tiger took 3. Coast Guard boarded boat at 12:30 AM? What a hassle to pull everything, etc. All is well that ends well, just looking to ensure we're safe and legal!!? 4/29 fished 10 -2 PM w/o one hit pulling meat in 18-30 FOW. Heard from many it was tough vs. earlier in week. 4/29 PM fished till 11 PM. Sloooow, with two fish taken in 12 FOW in front of river. We were the only boat out there. Leaving now for Hoyles to try some hopefully more productive water.
  11. Hi Mark, I'm new to the group here. We'll fish tonight out of Au Gres thru Sat. weather permitting. Thanks, Kevin
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