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  1. Is your last name Grimm by any chance?

  2. Fished 7am-12:30pm. Spent the first half hour in 30ft to 55ft, but only managed a few lake trout. Pulled lines and ran out to 150ft. Ended the day 28 for 33 (released 3). A few kings, but mainly coho. Fished flat lines all the way down to 350 copper. Spoons and flasher/fly combos seemed to work the best. Surface speed of 2.7 on the gps heading west.
  3. I fished South Haven on Sunday as well with similar results. We ended the day 2 for 3. The good thing was that the boat ran well! Sounds like the St Joe was the place to be.
  4. Have you heard of any issues with shallow water at St Joe this year (as far as getting in and out)?
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