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  1. Please keep me posted on your perch search Jason. We might start trying to find some silver fish.
  2. Saw your rig in lot. Sounds like our morning. Hope to find some bigger fish today. Good job as always Frank!
  3. Saw your rig in lot. Sounds like our morning. Hope to find some bigger fish today. Good job as always Frank!
  4. Nice looking box of fish. Great job Frank, gotta love the experienced crew!
  5. Wife and I made it over in time to fish Sat. PM, man was it hot and dead calm. Fished Sun. and Mon. AM. I appreciate why many retired fisherman refuse to fish on weekends. The spacious parking lot and light fishing pressure was a welcome sight on Monday AM. Same program with BB on/close to bottom. We had a whole bunch of fun!
  6. You are a smart man Frank; paying it forward is always best! Great job to Mike & crew. We're headed over in AM, appreciate your report.
  7. What fun aboard P1. Great job Frank & crew.
  8. GJ Frank. Lot's of good times aboard P1 for so many folks. You are a gracious host, and not all that grumpy!
  9. So sorry to hear Nick. Big ouch! Easily happen to any of us, all need to take caution & slow down. Hope you heal soon!
  10. Is there tourney results posted somewhere?
  11. Good job, congrat's to you and crew.
  12. Finished our limit and pulled lines at 10:30. Wife and I were at launch 6 AM thinking we'd miss the tourney crowd, wrong! The line moved quickly, in short order we were headed to our marks while they waited at the river mouth. Same program but we fished deeper water, 35-45, 2oz BB back 50-70, 3 oz BB off corners, 1.0-1.2 GPS, chart., purple, pink all good. We had six in the box when water went flat and a bug hatch came on. Glad it wasn't bad as wife did not care for. Nothing until a ripple stated to appear on surface which built to 1' chop, the ON switch was thrown and in short order we finished up, throwing back two keepers as we cleared lines. Too many boats and nets to dodge. Good to see you Jason. What a great resource!
  13. You have an open invitation Frank, it will happen! It was good to see you Jason. How did the tourney end up? The launch was empty when we came in at 11 AM.
  14. Same program as yesteday but had my brother in law from WI on board. I don't think he's ever been in seas that rough , course he don't get out much. Steady action for almost 3 hrs. w/ lots of youngsters. Great morning, just glad I didn't have to fish into 'em. We'll be dodging the tournement boats for one more morning's fish. Good luck to those particpating.
  15. My wife & I took our limit this morning. 32-40 FOW, 2 oz BB tight to bottom, chart. was best, 1-1.3. We caught lot's of future eaters, most of any trip this year. The fish we kept ran smaller than last weekend. Great times, non stop action.
  16. I saw that log last Sat when coming in but didn't know if it was stuck on bottom. Now I know it's still there! Good timing on the heads up Mike! It will be a busy weekend of boat traffic.
  17. Jason - yes we'll be there Thur. & Fri. nights. Only hollering I heard was fish on! See you Friday!
  18. These are some dandy fish, good job. Were you staying in campground?
  19. Now the fish are in big trouble! Great job Frank & crew.
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