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  1. Follow John King's tutorials and you'll do it right. He does a wonderful job of educating/helping us fisherman.
  2. Way to get after them Jason. Those look like some dandies!
  3. Thanks Matt. We're headed over this afternoon for the weekend.
  4. Similar program, 2 & 3 z bb w/ various color crawler rigs @ 1.2 - 1.7. Pinks, purples, black & chart. all doing well. We did better in 11 - 15 fow.
  5. We had great weather and fantastic time fishing the bay with family and friends. What a great resource we all have to enjoy and respect. Teaching my daughter to "run her side". I was one proud dad as she was multi-tasking and running 5 lines like a pro in very short order. Introduced my 8 yr old grandson & 4 yr old "adopted" grandson to walleye fishing Sag. Bay style. They both did pretty darn well, but didn't yet want to hold the fish they caught. I hope to have these young men aboard the Chummer alot over the years. young men aboard the Chummer alot over the years. We caught our fair share of fish over the week. We evidently drew someone's attention. The guy fishing canal as we came in one evening, who asked "how did you do", was a CO who then met as at our dock. Felt like I was on an episode of Game Wardens!! Multiple trips in and out during the same day, which is part of having family and young ones on board, drew local suspicion. Although we caught & kept 25 fish that day we were always legal. We never were in violation of fishing laws and he eventually realized that. Nothing could have spoiled this great time on the water. Now back to work. :cry:
  6. Tied you on radio, too busy pulling fish, good job. Took us 2 hours for our three man limit
  7. That is quite a box of fish. The youngsters must have had a blast. GJ Frank!
  8. Great post Frank! Thanks for supporting WFW.
  9. Now that's more like it Jason, good job! It was a bummer not fishing this weekend. We'll be after them for a week come Sat.
  10. Frank, Believe me, I'm trying hard to fill your position! Once I do retire, you have room in your yard for my camper? Seriously, I know the pain of not having a crew when you need/want one.
  11. Thanks for the post Frank! Priorty1 is back on 'em.
  12. Thanks Buster! We're anxious for the next opportunity to fish.
  13. Launched Sat. in Standish right after storm blew through. Set up in 28 FOW, 2 & 3 oz BB with meat, tried varying speeds. Picked away at 'em with wind pushing us to deep water off Pt. Au Gres. We ended with 9 keepers and probably a dozen dinks. Could not get a consistent/steady program going. Only pink blades and on bottom seemed repeatable. Hearing confirmed reports about 35' of water off Au Gres, we launched there Sat. AM and ran right out to that area. Lots of boats but few nets going in water. Relocated south to 28' and finally got 3 over 23" and a bunch more future fish. Big bug hatch Sat. night. Beautiful weather, bit buggy, great time with wife and friends. We enjoyed a delicious walleye dinner Sunday night! Staying on bay last week of June. Can't wait to get back at 'em. Nice to meet you JWheeler!
  14. Awesome job Frank. We trolled up your way from EB Marina. Pulled 9. At Dunlaevy's now, we'll fish here in AM. Ran into Wheeler. Thanks for the report.
  15. Thanks for the post Stephan, very helpful. We'll be at EB Marina Sat.
  16. Way to stay on em Frank! Looking forward to coming over Sat AM. Will fish Sun. also. Thanks for keeping us posted!
  17. Persistance is a much needed trait former fisherman! Gotta love it. Good job on the fish.
  18. Thanks Frank, it is part of my annual Memorial Day ritual. I placed flowers at two WW II veterans graves this week, it was my fathers and father-in-laws. Each service members grave was marked with a flag. There were a lot of flags in the cemetary!
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